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Channing Tatum Can’t Keep it Together After Meeting Simone Biles

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Channing Tatum Can’t Keep it Together After Meeting Simone Biles

Magic Mike just got added to the long list of celebrity fans gushing over the incredible Olympian.

We all thought that Zac Efron was Simone Biles' No. 1 fan when he flew to Rio to surprise her during the Olympic Games. But now, it seems like he's got himself some serious competition.

When Channing Tatum appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show on Tuesday, he told the TV show host that he religiously watched every single one of Simone's routines during the Rio Games. (Didn't we all?)

He also had some interesting speculations about the gold medalist's unbelievable athletic abilities that have made her the greatest gymnast of all time.

"My theory is that she's so tiny that she has a harder time holding on to the ground than actually, like, going up," he says, before insinuating that her toes might contain some magical powers that allow her to, "hold on to the ground to keep herself from flying away."

Honestly, that would explain a lot.


Later on, during Simone's interview, Ellen did what Ellen does and introduced the 6-foot-4 actor to the 4-foot-9 athlete. And their reactions were adorable.

Channing appeared on stage in the form of a flawless human medal display case with all four of Simone's gold medals dangling from his arms.

"Do you wanna wear one of them? You can wear one," Simone excitedly tells the hunky actor before putting two of her prized possessions around his neck.

Seriously, these two will give you all the feels. Watch them meet each other for the first time in the video below.