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Check-In With Sarah Drew of “Grey’s Anatomy”

by Ilyssa Panitz

Check-In With Sarah Drew of “Grey’s Anatomy”

Neurotic and passionate are the two best adjectives to describe Dr. April Kepner, one of the many beloved on-screen physicians from the hit series, “Grey’s Anatomy.” But don’t take my word for it. Just ask actress Sarah Drew who has been portraying Dr. Kepner every week since joining the medical drama in 2009. When DivineCaroline checked-in with the gorgeous TV doctor we put her under the microscope and found out she is as sweet as apple pie.


DivineCaroline: The season finale of Grey’s Anatomy is on May 16th. Give us the scoop as to what we can expect to see at Seattle Grace.
Sarah Drew: I wish I could but I can’t! We were all spoken to by Sondra Rhimes [creator of Grey’s Anatomy] who instructed us not to breathe a word about the finale. Although I am under lock and key I can tell you it will be amazing.


DC: Dr. April Kepner (your character) now has a boyfriend, Matthew (Justin Bruening) the paramedic. However, according to the fans they want to see her back with Dr. Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams). What are your thoughts as to who April should date?

SD: Do you want to know what’s so funny? If these people were real, April would totally wind up with Matthew because she and Matthew share the same world views and come from the same belief. Although Matthew makes much more sense you can’t deny there is an incredible magnetic attraction between April and Jackson that her heart continues to be drawn to.


DC: On a recent episode, Jackson got jealous when April was going to see Matthew. Might that open the door for a love triangle on the next season?

SD: I think there has been a love quadrangle since Jackson started dating Stephanie the intern. April and Jackson keep getting pulled back to each other so I think their spark is definitely still there as an undercurrent in every episode. I think it will eventually become more intense. Regardless, both men give April different things.


DC: Dish, is Jesse Williams a good kisser?

SD: I get asked this all of the time and all I can say is I’m a married woman with a 15-month-old child [Micah]. The only man I prefer kissing is my husband [Peter Lanfer]. (laughs)


DC: How did your husband respond to the scenes where April and Jackson are getting it on?

SD: You learn from the start, it is just part of the gig and it is just work. I had to adjust to that reality very early on in my career. My husband watches every episode. Although I am fairly certain those are not his favorite ones, he, too, has adjusted to the reality of what my job entails.


DC: Although many fans remember you from the hit series Everwood, how has life changed since you joined Grey’s?

SD: Not a lot to be perfectly honest. I still live in the same house, I still drive a Toyota, any designer clothes I own are a result of someone gifting them to me, and my free time is spent with my husband, baby, and a few close friends. If I get recognized it’s because someone notices me at the checkout counter at the grocery store. I really live a very normal life and have been able to keep my privacy.


DC: If you could write the script, what would you like to see for April going forward?

SD: One thing I would love for April, I want her to learn how to forgive herself and stop beating herself up for things she has failed at. I, too, am a person of faith and felt at times I was never good enough just like April. In terms of April, her guilt is what paralyzes her and affects her relationships.


DC: Grey’s Anatomy has had many impressive guest stars. Who is the one Hollywood celebrity you would like to see on an episode?

SD: Cate Blanchett. If she came on I would be in sheer heaven because I really admire her as an actress.


DC: In real life you juggle a busy Hollywood career, marriage, and you are a new mom. What’s your secret on how you do it all with ease?

SD: I have an incredible community surrounding me. I have a great husband and a great group of friends who I can count on.


DC: Describe motherhood.

SD: It is the most terrifying, joyous, and exhausting adventure you can ever imagine. (laughs) But seriously, aside from the depths of love I feel for my baby, you have this constant fear that you are failing your child and not doing a good job. You are completely responsible for this person’s identity and to me that is terrifying because I want to be the best mom I can be. What I love best about the job is seeing things though my son’s eyes and learning all of the things he teaches me everyday.


DC: Because you are a working mom, have you experienced any “mommy guilt?”

SD: Oh yeah! In some ways I was dying to get out of the house especially because those first few weeks are like being in a war zone, yet if I was away I wanted to be with him. I also feel if I’m not shooting and I want to meet a friend during that free time, should I be home instead? Let’s just say it’s been a journey.


DC: Now that you are a mom, do you find the show’s storylines involving babies or small children difficult to act out?

SD: It is hard for me to make it through those story lines because they are really rough. Yet at the same time I have developed an empathy that I never had before I had my own child.


DC: What’s your number one beauty secret to looking flawless?

SD: I keep my face out of the sun and always wear sunblock.


DC: What’s your ideal look?

SD: I like vintage ‘50s, ‘60s, red lips and big curls. I love looking like classic Hollywood.


DC: Since you are a redhead, what color clothes work well for you?

SD: Purple, greens and electric blue work well on me.


DC: How do you keep your hair looking so healthy?

SD: If my hair is all blown out it is because I am on set. Other than that I wash it and stick it up in a bun. Because I don’t blow dry it a lot I feel it hasn’t gotten all dried out. To be honest, I didn’t purchase my first blow-dryer until I was 21.


DC: What’s the one thing that makes you feel sexy?

SD: Heels. I only wear them on a special occasion. I am a member of the Website ShoeDazzle.com and love the shoes that are 40 bucks, which I wear all of the time.


DC: If you’re going on errands, you never leave the house without putting on …

SD: … Chapstick because I hate having dry lips!


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