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Up Close With Argo’s Rory Cochrane

by Ilyssa Panitz

Up Close With Argo’s Rory Cochrane
Keep an eye on Rory Cochrane. Although the actor tends to fly under the radar, he is one famous face you want to watch. After getting fan recognition for playing a stoner in the 1993 movie “Dazed and Confused” then a criminal scene investigator on the hit series “CSI: Miami,” Cochrane is now captivating audiences as Lee Schatz in the award-winning film, Argo, which is up for Best Picture at the 2013 Academy Awards on February 24th.

DivineCaroline: You have come a long way since your memorable role as Ron Slater in “Dazed and Confused.”
Rory Cochrane: I am still at it so, yeah (laugh).


DC: Did playing Ron pave the way for all of the other incredible parts that soon followed?
RC: Not in the beginning. It was helpful but at one point the only roles that were coming were stoner roles. I guess it was a compliment because I played it well. However, I had to fight to do different things and get people to believe I can do different parts.


DC: Was it hard to not let people “type-cast” you?
RC: Yeah. I would deliberately look for play very different characters so they knew I could do other parts.


DC: You currently star in “Argo” opposite Ben Affleck.
RC: Yes, that is awesome.


DC: Why was making this film so important to you?
RC: I didn’t know how important it would be. I was, however a big fan of Ben’s and I wanted to work with him in whatever capacity I could. It was a dream to be part of a production like this.


DC: When you read the script, did you realize you were sitting on a gold mine?
RC: I thought the script was terrific and I have to say it was executed perfectly.


DC: What goes through your mind knowing you are a part of a movie millions of people and critics are standing up to applaud?
RC: I feel blessed.


DC: Argo has been winning many prestigious awards such as: The Golden Globe for Best Director; The Screen Actors Guild Awards for Best Cast, which includes you; The AFI Awards for Best Movie of The Year, The Directors Guild of America and even The Broadcast Film Critics Association Award for Best Director. However, many people feel Affleck got snubbed for an Oscar nomination Best Director. Having seen all of the awards this movie continues to win do you agree with that statement?
RC: Absolutely, 100%. Films don’t direct themselves. Being on set with him you see the craftsmanship at work. Ben knows what he is doing and I know he will continue to make great movies.


DC: Where are you keeping your SAG statue?
RC: On my kitchen counter. Getting that award was surreal because here I was looking out at all of these amazing actors, directors and producers. I think Ben was really humbled by it.


DC: Given the praises this movie has received, have you set the bar higher as to the types of roles you will accept going forward?
RC: What drives me is to work with good groups of people and do different work. Television has been very good to me and it gives me a lot of exposure. Right now I’m in Texas shooting a film called, “Parkland” with Billy Bob Thornton and Paul Giamatti.


DC: When you are standing on the red carpet, what do you tend to think about?
RC: I try not to smile because I look silly when I smile.


DC: Awards season is upon us. How do you dress for the occasion?
RC: I wear Hugo Boss. I like their suits and they tend to hook me up when I need it.


DC: Describe your fashion style?
RC: I don’t think I have one.


DC: How to do prepare for an award show? Do you have a certain regimen you like to do when you are getting ready?
RC: I try to avoid the red carpet by ducking around it. However, I won’t do that on Oscar night.


DC: Do you use any special products before hitting the red carpet?
RC: I wish I did. I am not into cosmetics.