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Crystal Meth and Verbal Diarrhea: Brandi Glanville on Life as a ‘Housewife’

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Crystal Meth and Verbal Diarrhea: Brandi Glanville on Life as a ‘Housewife’

She says “cock” to a group of suddenly virgin-like “ladies,”  she suggests hosting a blow-job how-to party, and she’s frequently the cause of Kyle’s incessant eye-rolling. (Seriously, we’re concerned if the season runs much longer, Kyle’s face will get stuck that way.) Since the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast mate Brandi Glanville arrived on the diamond-encrusted scene, she’s really shaken things up. For that, we love her and can’t wait to hear what she’ll say next. Our celebrity correspondent Ilyssa Panitz caught up with Brandi on what it’s like to be the salacious new-comer to the sheltered group of ladies-who-lunch, her breakup with Eddie Cibrian, her latest faux-wedding, and more:

DivineCaroline: Do you feel you fit in with the rest of the cast?
Brandi Glanville: I feel like if they were really being themselves, we would really fit in better. I get along with Camille Grammer and Lisa Vanderpump great. The rest of them seem to act very entitled and silly.

DC: There seems to be a tremendous amount of tension between you and Kyle Richards. Is that still the case?
BG: We have our good days and our bad days. We both have really strong personalities. I think Kyle is used to control the situation and the people around her. With me, no one controls me. Plus I am an off-the-cuff kind of gal and I think that scares Kyle.

DC: On a past episode you accused Kyle’s sister Kim Richards of hiding some pretty nasty demons—specifically, doing crystal meth in the bathroom. Do you regret saying those things?
BG: I regret the way I said it. I regret yelling, crying, and saying crystal meth. I do however think when something is put out there it forces people to deal with it. In a really odd way, I think it helped the situation.

DC: Why did you decide to join the series?
BG: For starters I needed a job. I had been separated for a few years when this opportunity came about. I hadn’t gone to college, was actually a housewife for many years. In a way, this seemed like a great fit.

DC: Do you feel you have been portrayed accurately?
BG: Absolutely. They can only portray you with the information given. I was portrayed as myself because I was always myself during filming and never pretended to be someone else. 

DC: Are there any moments you wish you could take back?
BG: All of them (laughs). I don’t think before I speak and in a way I have verbal diarrhea. Look, we all have regrets and moments we want to take back. All I am able to do is say “I’m sorry.”

DC: How would you describe your relationship with the other women right now?
BG: I have made two really good friends. I like Dana Wilkey and Kyle, half of the time. Adrienne Maloof is so sweet. I hang out with Camille and Lisa a lot. I really like them and care about them from the bottom of my heart.

DC: What about your friendship with Taylor Armstrong and how is she doing?
BG: I would rather not comment on Taylor.

DC: Would you do another season if the producers asked you to come back?
BG: It depends. I don’t want to come back as a friend to the housewives because I worked just as hard as they did and did not make anywhere near what they did. I can’t come back as “just a friend” because financially it wouldn’t be worth it.

DC: Do you feel it was a letdown?
BG: Not at all. I had a great time and took away so many positive experiences from the show.

DC: Do you regret doing the series?
BG: Not at all. It opened up a lot of new doors for me.

DC: Such as?
BG: There is a book deal happening, which won’t focus on my ex-husband (actor Eddie Cibrian) and our well publicized situation (Cibrian left Glanville for singer Leann Rimes, whom he eventually married). Someone wants to do a fitness DVD with me because they know I follow a regular workout routine. I also have a few hosting gigs coming up.

DC: Aside from the attention you get from the program you have also been the subject of quite a few headlines. In addition to your divorce you were also arrested for DUI back in 2010.
BG: That was a real low point in my life and a real a wake-up call. I had to clean house and get rid of all of the bad people in my life. I had to cleanse myself and get on a healthy track. While I am not happy it happened because someone could have gotten hurt, it was a giant wake-up call for me to get better.

DC: How did you change your ways?
BG: I was in the feeling sorry-for-myself mode and poor-me mind frame. I had to take charge of my life and stop mourning what happened. I was making a lot of bad and poor choices because I was depressed. Then one day I realized I have to stop doing this to myself before it gets worse. 

DC: What was it like dealing with you and Eddie’s public breakup?
BG: Everywhere I went, it was on the front pages of every magazine and staring me in the face. I mean my life was being played out for millions of strangers. Seeing another woman cuddling with your husband and holding your kids can really take a toll on you. There were so many times I wanted to scream from the top of the highest mountain, “This is not fair.” The good thing about this show is it made me realize I am not the victim anymore.

DC: Why so?
BG: So many business opportunities have been coming my way. Lisa has also taken me under her wing and given me a whole new direction. She has been so nurturing.

DC: You also grabbed the media’s attention when you and Darin Harvey tied the knot in Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve.
BG: That was so much fun. We were just being silly and did it as a joke. Trust me we have zero physical attraction. We have been friends for so many years. I didn’t realize Tweeting two pictures would turn into a media frenzy.

DC: Did you in fact tie the knot?
BG: We never got married. We went through the motions of a ceremony but never did any paper work. I was wearing work-out clothes when we did it.

DC: Aside from all of this, you are also a single mom?
BG: I am. My sons (Mason, 8 and Jake, 4) are my loves and my life. I get so much unconditional love from them.

DC: Are your boys allowed to watch the show?
BG: Hell no!