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‘Dancing With The Stars’ Is Back! The Premiere Outfits Ranked

by Rachel Weeks

‘Dancing With The Stars’ Is Back! The Premiere Outfits Ranked

At long last, Dancing With The Stars is back right where it belongs: on our TV screens. Of course, the dancing is the main attraction, but can we take a moment to talk about the outfits?


‘Dancing With The Stars’ Is Back! The Premiere Outfits Ranked


Dancing with the Stars is back and it’s wonderful. The dancing was delightfully good and, at times, delightfully bad, as was the style. Here are our favorite and not so favorite looks from the DWTS premiere.


12. Mischa Barton & Artem Chigvintsev
While we are usually big fans of the former star of The O.C., we were a little disappointed by her first appearance on DWTS. Mischa looked surprisingly dowdy in a black floor-length skirt and weird patterned top. Or was it a cropped jacket? Her white sequined midriff offered the tiniest bit of pizzazz, but it couldn’t keep her from looking like a stiff, old vampire principal. Dear god, I hope that’s not a role she has lined up.



11. Geraldo Rivera & Edyta Sliwinska
Geraldo and Edyta didn’t score big with the judges with their Cha Cha to Bruno Mars’ “Treasure,” saying Geraldo spent more time staring at his dance partner than actually dancing. It’s true that the duo had very little chemistry on the dance floor, but their outfits certainly didn’t help. Geraldo dressed as himself, a journalist, while Edyta dressed literally—and scantily—as “treasure” that was discovered in Al Capone’s vault. Maybe something less flashy would help keep Geraldo on track for next time.



10. Kim Fields & Sasha Farber
While Kim and Sasha weren’t boring to watch on the dance floor, these two outfits were boring choices for a Cha Cha. I mean, that dress is practically next to Cha Cha in the dictionary. Of course, we understand wanting to show off those hot legs—way to go, Kim!—but can we do it in a way that doesn’t look like a Halloween costume?



9. Marla Maples & Tony Dovolani
I suppose, if you’re going to do a quickstep to Moulin Rouge‘s “Sparkling Diamonds,” you kind of have to take the stage in a long feathery, sparkly, shiny, white dress, but do you really want to? Complete with elbow-length gloves and diamond accessories to boot, her outfit seemed obvious and heavy-handed. Her partner’s tuxedo—with tails!—didn’t help take it down a notch.



8. Jodie Sweetin and Keo Motsepe
Of course we want Jodie and Keo to look as “Confident” as their Demi Lovato song choice, but we’re not so sure this shiny purple ensemble did much for either dancer. The full skirt was fun to watch twirl and tango across the dance floor, but that’s where the positives stop. The Fuller House star looked more Ursula the Sea Witch than a dance star.



7. Paige VanZant & Mark Ballas
Despite their beautiful Foxtrot to “Aint’s Got Far To Go,” Paige and Mark made some confusing style choices this time around. Paige’s orange and gold ensemble had us flashing back to early-2000s prom—before the stricter dress codes. Mark, on the other hand, wore an oddly mismatched floral jacket with gold lapels. If he was going for thrift-store Bruno Mars, however, he nailed it.



6. Ginger Zee & Valentin Chmerkovskiy
Hmm… where have we seen this before; that’s right! On Kim Fields, in red. Ginger and Val may have tied for first place with their fast-paced Dreamgirls Jive, but we were underwhelmed by Ginger’s shimmery turquoise dress and Val’s matching jacket. While the duo looked period-appropriate and fun—and danced well, too—we had hoped for a more distinct style from the bubbly TV personality.



5. Doug Flutie & Karina Smirnoff
Doug and Karina may not have won many points with the judges—they only scored 15 for their Foxtrot to “Sweet Caroline”—but Karina’s white dress won our hearts. Backless with a full skirt and a wide slit up one leg, this dress was equal parts elegant and sexy. Plus, we loved her braided side ponytail. Of course, what Karina had in style and grace, Doug was not so blessed. We weren’t huge fans of the former QB’s oxblood vest and pant combo, but it got the job done.



4. Von Miller & Witney Carson
In typical Broncos fashion, linebacker Von Miller and partner Witney Carson donned blue and orange for the DWTS premiere. Carson’s coordinating navy suit and orange tie was a simple, but classic option for the duo’s Foxtrot. Witney wore a long blue dress with peek-a-boo orange panels, but it was the backless, strappy top that really caught our eye.



3. Antonio Brown & Sharna Burgessi
Antonio and Sharna’s quickstep may not have been the judges’ favorite, but their outfits were a favorite of ours! Rocking coordinating black and gold numbers, the duo looked both modern and vintage. The sheer paneling on Sharna’s obliques and backside show off her toned dancer bod while still leaving something to the imagination. Antonio perfectly accessorized his black velvet and gold jacket with an adorable gold bowtie and chain. Plus, we LOVE Sharna’s shock of red hair.



2. Nyle DiMarco & Peta Murgatroyd
Deaf model Nyle DiMarco and Peta Murgatroyd floored judges and audience members alike with an incredibly sharp routine and even sharper ensemble. While the stand-out accessories were Nyle’s abdominal muscles, we loved Peta’s sparkly, short, beaded dress. It highlighted the quick rhythms of the duo’s Cha Cha and paired well with Nyle’s shiny, black shirt.



1. Wanya Morris & Lindsay Arnold
Locked in a three-way tie for first, this charming couple looked as good as they danced. Cha Cha-ing to “Motownphilly,” Wanya and Lindsay sported flashy and unique ensembles that were perfect for the vintage theme. Lindsay’s short, confetti-like leotard could be straight off a Victoria Secret photoshoot, not to mention her blonde bombshell curls and impossibly long legs. Wanya looked dapper and fun—if only a little Foot Lockery—in a black and white striped cardigan and matching confetti bowtie.