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Drake Working Out And Lip-Syncing To Taylor Swift Is All Of Us

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Drake Working Out And Lip-Syncing To Taylor Swift Is All Of Us

The way he belts out those 'Bad Blood' lyrics is seriously impressive.

Taylor Swift proved to be the most relatable person ever when she experienced an epic #gymfail while rapping to Drake for an Apple Music ad earlier this year.

Now, the musical platform is back at it again, this time giving us a glimpse into Drake's workout routine, which apparently includes the inspiring lyrics to T-Swift's "Bad Blood." The ad, which premiered for the first time at the American Music Awards, featured the Canadian rapper showing "no mercy" at the gym while squeezing in a few bicep presses with his workout buddy. But once his friend leaves, Drake makes sure he's completely alone before queuing in some T-Swift — the perfect guilty pleasure.

After a goofy dancing and miming session in front of the mirror, he heads over to the gym bench for some bench presses. Unfortunately, the workout-anthem was so "distractingly good" it caused him to mess up, drop the barbell on his chest, and roll off the bench squealing in pain.


It's okay Drizzy, we've all been there.

Thankfully, he was able to shake it off (no pun intended) and ended up sharing the video with T on Twitter with a flirty message.

And of course, Taylor was equally excited and shared the video on her Instagram as well.


YES @champagnepapi 👍💪✨ #drakevsbenchpress

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Ugh, these two. As if their dating rumors needed more fuel to their fire.