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Emily Blunt Gets Emotional Over Julie Andrews’ Reaction to Her New Role

by Hannah Marsh

Emily Blunt Gets Emotional Over Julie Andrews’ Reaction to Her New Role

Emily Blunt will be Mary Poppins in the remake of the Disney classic. The reaction to the news has been overwhelmingly positive.


A spoon full of sugar might help the medicine go down, but having Julie Andrews’ blessing probably doesn’t hurt, either.


The OG Mary Poppins gave her nod of approval to the recent announcement of who would be following in her footsteps in the continuance of the children’s classic, Mary Poppins Returns.


Emily Blunt, who you might remember from The Huntsman: Winter’s War, Sicario, and as Anne Hathaway’s slightly moody coworker in The Devil Wears Prada, did not chat with Andrews face-to-face about the role, but was relayed the renowned celebrity’s endorsement of the decision through the film’s director, Rob Marshall.


While in the Hamptons (we’re only slightly jealous), Marshall had top-secretly mentioned to Andrews — who we still can’t believe is 80 years old this year — that Blunt would be starring in the continued role. Marshall reported back that Andrews enthusiastically replied to the news with a simple, yet significant, “Oh, wonderful!”


Knowing that she had the support of the Sound of Music legend helped put Blunt’s original apprehension toward starring in the well-known role at ease. However, while Andrews’ notable character was known for the unicorns-and-rainbows kindness she brought with her into a room, there are rumors that the newer Poppins depiction will be a little closer to the original books — i.e. a bit rougher around the edges.


Mary Poppins Returns will set the scene 20 years after Andrews’ film, and will be based off the seven novels that followed the original by the author, P.L. Travers.


Alongside Blunt’s new role will be Hamilton’s Lin-Manuel Miranda as well as a possible Meryl Streep in as casting lineup that Poppins herself would describe as “practically perfect in every way.”