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Girl Fight! 20 Completely Insane Real Housewives Moments

by Morgan DeBoest

Girl Fight! 20 Completely Insane Real Housewives Moments

Reality TV is synonymous with drama, drama, drama. And there’s no drama like Real Housewives drama. We can’t get enough of it! Orange County, New York, New Jersey, Atlanta, Miami, and Beverly Hills, the Real Housewives are larger-than-life divas who love to stir up trouble. Check out some of our favorite crazy moments from the Bravo franchise.


Ramona Throws a Glass at Kristen Taekman



The Real Housewives of New York women were all vacationing at Heather Thomson’s Berkshires home when things turned ugly. Kristen overhead Ramona gossiping about her and splashed her to get revenge. Ramona flipped out and tossed her wine—and wineglass—in Kristen’s face, drawing blood.


The On-Camera Eviction Notice



Real Housewives of Orange County daughters Alexa and Raquel Curtin opened the door on something they had no idea was coming—an eviction notice. They had to call their mother, Lynne, to figure out what it meant—all on camera.


Tamra Runs Barefoot out of a Restaurant



While the RHOC women were on vacay in Bali, the group decided to use a nice dinner out to confront Tamra about all of her shady business that season. She was so overwhelmed with facing her mistakes that she ran screaming—and barefoot—out of the restaurant.


Sheree Pulls on Kim’s Wig



In the classic RHOA Season 2 episode appropriately titled “Unbeweaveable,” Sheree and Nene were attempting to reconcile with Kim when things went south. Sheree got so heated that she tugged on Kim’s weave.


Nene’s Pillow Talk Fight



Nene hosted a scandalous “pillow talk” party in her hotel suite where everyone was clad in lingerie and drinking heavily. Confrontations led to physical altercations, and the filming crew had to jump in at multiple points to break up the fighting.


Porsha Gets Charged with Assault



Things got real on a RHOA reunion in April 2014—Porsha and Kenya got in a brawl that resulted in Porsha’s being charged with assault.


Briana Airs Brooks’s Dirty Laundry



When Andy asked for an example of one of the times Brooks had crossed the line, Briana really let him have it: “He hit on me when I was pregnant at her birthday party … he offered to show me his ‘ween ween’ [because it was] really big and his nickname was Girth Brooks.” Gross.


Aviva Drescher Throws Her Prosthetic Leg



In an effort to secure a spot on the next season of RHONY, Aviva Drescher tossed her prosthetic leg across the table after her costars wouldn’t stop questioning her about her asthma condition.


Kim Zolciak’s “Tardy for the Party”



RHOA’s Kim Zolciak underwent many transformations throughout the course of the show—from a brief lesbian stint to overcoming most of the drama. She wanted to be a country singer for a long while but ended up recording 3 dance songs, including “Tardy for the Party.”


“Who Gon’ Check Me, Boo?”



In the RHOA season 2 premiere, Sheree was in the middle of trying to plan her “Independence Party.” She was frustrated with party planner Anthony, who aggressively threatened her verbally, and responded with a line so iconic that it’s been remixed and added to Urban Dictionary—”Who gon’ check me, boo?” Touché, Ms. Whitfield.


Dorinda Medley Humiliates Herself



Dorinda doesn’t like to be humiliated. After a dinner filled with F-bombs and lewd conversation, she exclaimed, “When you go into a room and you want to be part of a certain society, you can’t go in and be like, ‘F this! F that!’ … I won’t be humiliated by anyone! Don’t humiliate me!”


White-Water Rafting with RHOC



The RHOC women doing any kind of extreme physical activity seems like a crazy moment in itself—but this white-water rafting excursion ended up shaking Vicki to the point of a severe emotional breakdown.


Phaedra and Apollo’s Pregnancy Photo Shoot



You’d probably never think to put posing with big pickles on a what NOT to do list for a pregnancy photo shoot. But Phaedra and Apollo’s shoot proved just that. So many cringes.


Tamra and Simon’s Divorce



After months of on-screen bickering between RHOC stars Tamra and Simon, their marriage ended at the end of season 5—and viewers only got this information in a quick text update flashing across the screen.


Joe Giudice vs. Joe Gorga



The intense brawl between the Joes in RHONJ season 5 was all in the family. Joe Gorga told his sister, Teresa Giudice, that she was scum. She, naturally, went to husband Joe Giudice to vent. Obviously, the hubs was going to defend his wife. Watch the full clip of this crazy fight here.


Kelly’s Scary Island Breakthrough



Some might call what RHONY’s Kelly experienced during dinner on Scary Island a breakdown, but she insists it was an emotional breakthrough. She discusses how she’s been having terrible nightmares and thought Bethenny Frankel was going to kill her but then is suddenly toasting to “good things” and eating gummy bears. Hey, everyone has those moments, right?


Tamra Throws Wine in Jeana’s Face



At the end of RHOC season 6, Vicki hosted her annual fall bash. Jeana approached Tamra to clear the air about some hurtful things that were said. Tamra wasn’t having any of it and told Jeana to “stay out of my f—king life!” She then threw a glass of red wine in Jeana’s face and pushed her into the bar.


Sarah Takes a Bow



“Bowgate” (yes, it has a name) happened when wannabe RHOC housewife Sarah grabbed an icing bow off of Heather’s anniversary cake and ate it. Heather stopped just short of saying, “Off with her head!” and settled for “Off of the show.”


Alexis Defends Her Man



We’re not sure what’s more surprising: RHOC’s Alexis’s flipping out from insecurity or Gretchen’s hosting a Tupperware party. But when Alex accuses Gretchen’s friend of flirting with her husband, things got tense. The situation escalated even further when Gretchen’s friend suggested that Alexis should “have more faith” in her husband.


LuAnn de Lesseps Tries to Sing



RHONY’s LuAnn de Lesseps released her single “Girl Code (Don’t Be So Uncool)” in June 2015. It was, unsurprisingly, an autotuned dance anthem featuring such poetic lyrics as “Don’t be so uncool / Now I gotta let you go.” The lyric was inspired by the Turks and Caicos incident in which she coined the line “Be cool. Don’t be all, like, uncool.”