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Harriet Tubman’s “Drunk History” Will Change The Way You Think About Her

by Rachel Weeks

Harriet Tubman’s “Drunk History” Will Change The Way You Think About Her

“Goddamn, I freed 750 slaves. This s— is dope as hell.”




In honor of Harriet Tubman’s future appearance on the 20 dollar bill, we went back to revisit the supremely funny episode of Drunk History that featured the abolitionist icon. Her episodenarrated by inebriated comedian Crissle West and performed by The Help actress Octavia Spencer, is criminally underrated. Because, trust us, it will change the way you think about Harriet Tubman. Sure, you know that she helped lead the slaves to freedom, but she was also a rebel bad bitch/spy who doesn’t get enough credit.


West’s telling of the story is casually and hilariously riddled with profanity and excitement. She details Tubman’s growth from Union Army nurse to spy and military tactician who led hundreds of slaves to freedom in the north, burning slave plantations along the way. She was the first American woman to lead a tactical mission. She was instrumental in the preservation of the Union. And she was a former-slave who could neither read nor write. Basically, you should be twice as excited that she’s going to be on the twenty. Because Harriet Tubman was a straight-up BOSS.


See for yourself.