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Here’s Proof Britney Spears And Ellen Degeneres Should Never Be Allowed In A Mall

by Faith Brar

Here’s Proof Britney Spears And Ellen Degeneres Should Never Be Allowed In A Mall

On the latest episode of Ellen, the TV show host brings Britney Spears to a mall and takes advantage of the celebrity lifestyle.


There are a zillion rules you have to follow while shopping at a mall unless you’re a celebrity, in which case you can do whatever you want. On the latest episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the host takes her BFF Britney Spears through a mall in Los Angeles — showing her what it’s like to take advantage of being famous. Bottom line: We’re jealous.


The pair causes quite the riot, and it all begins before they make it through the door.


As they pull into the shopping vicinity, Ellen tells Britney to run a stop sign, because, “who cares”; then decides that parking lots are overrated so it would be better to just park the car right in front of the mall entrance.


Britney seems uncomfortable at first, but she follows Ellen’s lead. “Excuse me, we’re celebrities,” Ellen says, as she marches to the revolving door, motioning for people to step aside. Amazing.


Finally through the doors, Ellen lets everyone know that they’ve arrived and mall-goers immediately whip out their phones and start recording their antics. After sampling a Chanel lipstick (and taking it without buying it) Britney spots a punching bag and asks Ellen if she can kick it. Of course, the pair takes turns unloading their anger, while Ellen shouts, “You better work, bitch!” Get it? Clearly, Britney has eased into this game now.


It’s time to explore upstairs, but rather than taking a traditional route, Ellen convinces Britney to climb up the escalator going down.


Somehow, despite wearing six-inch stilettos, Britney makes it up the escalator into a Hugo Boss store. After picking a suit jacket, shirt, and tie, Ellen convinces the retailer that they should be allowed to take the clothing for free, because, well, they’re celebrities. (That’s what happens, right?)


Ellen ends up teaching Britney that it’s OK to steal, eat food on a display table, and sleep on a bed at Pottery Barn — things we all wish we could actually do at a mall.