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I Think You’re Shagedelic Baby

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I Think You’re Shagedelic Baby

One of the premier artists in the world of mid-century modern is SHAG! When I first ran across his work, I thought it was period, but it turns out that he’s grown in popularity since 1997 when he had his first solo exhibition. Josh Agle is an American artist known by the nickname “SHAG,” which he first used to sign his paintings in 1987. The nickname is derived from the last two letters of his first name, and the first two letters of his last name. I will be the first to admit, I’m a groupie. I’ve owned his coffee table book forever and if this darn recession would end, I’d be the first in line for one of his prints!

His richly-colored cocktail and tiki-themed scenes are reminiscent of the slick commercial art of the 1950s to mid-1960s and have inspired many homeowner to redo their homes to reflect the fabulous interiors depicted on his prints. SHAG started out as a freelance commercial illustrator, primarily for independent record labels, in the late 1980s and early 1990s but he has since had other solo exhibitions in the United States, Japan and Australia.

According to his biography on his Web site, “the paintings themselves celebrate consumerism and consumption … the characters smoke drink and eat in lavish, stylish surroundings.” If you’ve run across his art, but can’t remember why, it’s because it’s readily available on cards, t-shirts, gift wrap, lamps, bank checks, but I know you’ll need to be the life of the party when you whip out his stylish mint container!

His art has been termed hip, fun, and it’s affordable. His prints range from $100 and up and are fantastic in any decor. I love to look at his art and think it’s a fun centerpiece to a room or even an inspiration piece for a whole house! But, hey! I’m a mid-century modern gal! Are you?

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