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James Corden’s Beyoncé Soap Opera Is Everything Right In The World

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James Corden’s Beyoncé Soap Opera Is Everything Right In The World

Meg Ryan and Adam Scott joined the Late, Late Show host for a flawless skit using only Beyoncé lyrics.

There would be loads more excitement around the new slate of fall TV if a Beyoncé soap opera were on the schedule.

James Corden created a flawless sketch that imagined The Bold and the Lyrical, a dramatic show that uses only Beyoncé lyrics as the lines. The Late, Late show host was joined by Parks and Rec's Adam Scott and the Hollywood icon Meg Ryan to act out a love-triangle scene.

Scott and Ryan are in bed under the covers when the scene opens.

"I love to love you, baby," Scott says.

"Tonight, I'll be your naughty girl," Ryan replies.

"Say my name, say my name," says Scott.

Dying. Corden then bursts into the room, quoting old-school Destiny's Child and saying to Ryan as Scott hides under the covers, "You're acting kind of shady, ain't calling me baby. Why the sudden change?"

And this is only the beginning of the Beyoncé lyric back and forth that has Corden and Scott fighting over Ryan in increasingly epic fashion. When Corden asks, "How did this happen?" Ryan and Scott reply in incredible fashion:

"Oh, I've been drinking," Ryan says. Watermelon.

"And I get filthy when that liquor get into me," Scott says to rousing audience laughter.

The fighting spins out of control until Scott starts saying, "You and me could have a bad romance." Wait. what? That's Lady Gaga.

But who wins out in the end? Does Corden win back his love, or does the Scott win Ryan over with his charm? Well, you'll have to watch the hilarious video, but let's just say Ryan might not be ready for all that jelly that Bootylicious Corden has.