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James Corden’s Parody of Kanye’s “Fade” is Literally How We All Feel

by Sierra Burgos

James Corden’s Parody of Kanye’s “Fade” is Literally How We All Feel

At the VMA’s last Sunday, Kanye West gave a rousing speech and introduced his latest music video for the song, “Fade.” Of course, within 24 hours, James Corden has already created a spoof—and it is spot-on.



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Apparently, Kanye West’s gym is not a good place to work out. In his “Fade” music video, actress and singer Teyana Taylor can be seen dancing in a gym wearing only a tiny thong and sports bra. The spoof version begins with Corden doing bicep curls as Taylor flaunts her sexy dance moves in front of him. Obviously distracted, he says, “Sorry, do you mind? It’s sort of a public gym.”


Taylor ignores him and keeps on dancing, even after he suggests she go to the dance studio next door. So if you’re keeping up, Kanye’s gym features sweaty, half-naked hotties who don’t even touch the gym equipment. Not to mention how poor that lighting is. And is there a smoke machine in there? Sorry Kanye, but IDK if we’d invest in a membership.


And it gets worse—when Taylor comes closer, Corden gets more than he asked for. “That’s too much oil. No one needs that much oil,” he says. The icing on the cake is when Taylor begins humping the floor and Corden becomes mesmerized.



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When Taylor appears in a herd of sheep (uh, what?) alongside her fiancée, Cleveland Cavaliers guard Iman Shumpert, Corden finally took a stand. He said, “Guys, it could not be clearer. Read the sign, OK?” pointing to a blantant “no sheep in gym” sign.


“A lot of us only joined this gym because of its zero sheep policy.” Because when you’re looking for a gym, their stance on sheep is of utmost importance. Right?


“Cat-face is fine,” Corden told the couple. “But these have got to go.”


So, if we’ve learned anything from this, it’s to never exercise in Kanye West’s gym.