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Jared Padalecki to Return to the Netflix Revival of ‘Gilmore Girls’

by Faith Brar

Jared Padalecki to Return to the Netflix Revival of ‘Gilmore Girls’

And he isn’t the only one of Rory’s exes that we will be seeing on the show.



In October of last year, Netflix announced that they will be creating a four-part revival for The CW hit series, Gilmore Girls. Fans have been going crazy all over the world as more and more members from the original cast are annoucing their return to the new series. Just today, we learned that Jared Padalecki will be making a comeback as Dean Forester. We have all grown to love him as Sam Winchester in the all time favorite fantasy horror TV seriesSupernatural (currently airing its 11th season), but it will be a blast from the past to see him add to the pile of Rory’s exes that will also be appearing on the show. 


From the original cast we will be seeing Alexis Bledel (Rory), Lauren Graham (Lorelai), and Kelly Bishop (Emily). Milo Ventimiglia, recently famous for his roles in the TV series Heroes and Mob City, will also be returning as Jess Mariano along with, Matt Czuchry as Logan Huntsberger, Liza Weil as Paris Geller and Yanic Truesdale as Michel Gerard.


The official release date for the show has not yet been confirmed, but we do know that the series will include four, 90-minute episodes. Stay tuned for more updates! We are sure there will be more Gilmore news to come.