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Kate Walsh Shares How Heartbreak Led to a New Business

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Kate Walsh Shares How Heartbreak Led to a New Business

How does the Private Practice star get over a breakup? She bottles it up—in a fragrance bottle, that is. Walsh’s new fragrance is inspired by one of her former loves and is aptly named Boyfriend. We caught up with the star to discuss her new business venture and what’s in store for Addison Montgomery in this season’s Private Practice.

DivineCaroline: Tell me about Boyfriend.
Kate Walsh: I am so thrilled with it. The idea came to me several years ago after I broke up with an old boyfriend. Anyway, while I was shopping and walking through the fragrance section I realized how much I missed the scent of his cologne.

DC: And so the idea was born?
KW: Actually I didn’t do anything with my idea for years. I felt there were so many celebrities out there with fragrances, so the thought of my having one didn’t interest me. But as time went by, the thought of creating a fragrance never left me, and so I finally decided to form a company and make my dream a reality.

DC: What happened to the guy?
KW: (laughs) That is who my business plan is modeled after. He was a business man and gave me all sorts of advice, such as getting a business loan from a bank.

DC: Most people think that celebrities just lend their name to a perfume and that the experts actually produce it. Yet you were involved from start to finish?
It took a village, and yes, I had my hands in every step, including the packaging and design of the bottle. I was guided by a team of experts who taught me the process and explained what I needed to know to make this happen. It was quite an education, I will say that. For me, my goal was to bottle the memory of being loved and feeling sexy.

DC: Perfume is supposed to make a woman feel sexy. Besides Boyfriend, what else makes you feel desirable?
KW: Potato chips or even chocolate because they say it releases endorphins.

DC: Yum!
KW: Seriously though, a great pair of shoes, because even if you are having a bad day, shoes, which I call my feet jewelry, make me feel good. 

DC: In your opinion, what’s so great about being in a relationship?
KW: It is all about sharing life and going through experiences together.

DC: Speaking of Boyfriend, since you are single and fabulous, what qualities do you look for in a man?
KW: Someone who is funny and has a sense of humor. I also would like someone who is kind and has consistent good behavior. There are a lot of people who are erratic. I am always baffled by the men who wine and dine you and then do a complete 180. When that happens I am like, “Hey, what just happened?”

DC: You play a very successful and sought-after doctor on TV. What do you really know about medicine off camera?
KW: Not a lot. (laughs) I actually have a friend who just had twins, and for a second my TV persona took over and said, “Shouldn’t I be there to consult the birth?” I don’t know, maybe playing an ob-gyn for the past eight years finally caught up to me. In real life, I tend to stay away from doctors because I am into holistic medicine.

DC: Big changes are in store for Private Practice such as Audra MacDonald taking a lesser role and new faces joining the cast such as Benjamin Bratt.
KW: Yeah, Ben is a series regular, and we are thrilled to have him. He has this great energy that is totally different. It has been fun to play with him.

DC: What’s Benjamin’s character all about?
KW: His name is Dr. Jake Reilly, and he happens to be a fertility specialist. It will be interesting to see how he and Addison mix and how he helps her on her quest to have a baby.

DC: Even though you are a big Hollywood star, what’s on your bucket list?
KW: Mostly travel because I want to go everywhere. I also want to be a mother like my character wants to be. I hope that dream comes true, because I think it would be great. 

DC: If I looked through your pocketbook, what items would I find that you always have to carry?
KW: You will laugh when I say this, but I always have an extra pair of underwear in my purse. If I carry a clutch, I carry a credit card, lipstick, and my ID. But in my regular bag, which is quite large, I keep my iPad, vitamins, moisturizer, and my spare undies.