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The Lion King Is Roaring Back To The Big Screen In A Whole New Way

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The Lion King Is Roaring Back To The Big Screen In A Whole New Way

We just can't wait to see how director Jon Favreau will handle this new adaptation of the Disney classic. Time to start cranking the timeless soundtrack 24/7, because we've got no worries for the rest of our days.

Hakuna Matata is a wonderful phrase, and today it's even more wonderful because we've just been truly blessed by the Disney deities.

Word on the street is Jon Favreau will direct a new adaptation of Disney's classic film The Lion King.

Don't believe us? Here's the social media proof:

Yeah, Jon, we're pretty damn excited over here, too. If that majestic mane doesn't get your heart racing, we just can't help you.

Favreau recently directed another classic Disney film adaptation, The Jungle Book, which received near-unanimous critical acclaim. While some Disney diehards are less than thrilled to witness some of the studio's greatest creations re-imagined for the big screen, we're pretty confident Favreau will do The Lion King justice and then some.

Oh My Disney also confirmed the film will feature the catchy songs we know and love from the original film. So yes, it's completely acceptable to break out that old soundtrack again, whether you own it digitally, on a CD or even on a vintage cassette tape (we know you're out there).

Now that we're all feeling the love (for this movie, duh) tonight, many fans are wondering if this adaptation will follow the same live action-esque structure of Favreau's The Jungle Book. According to Disney's official press release, the new film will be re-imagined in the same "technologically groundbreaking" format as The Jungle Book, as well as the impending theatrical release of the new Beauty and the Beast.

While there's no official information concerning the film's casting quite yet, Oh My Disney hinted at the possibility of the original actors reprising their roles. Does this mean Matthew Broderick's Simba will return, or James Earl Jones' iconic Mufasa? Whatever, if Nathan Lane isn't the voice of Timon, we're going to be pretty distraught.


While topping the original is going to be harder than becoming the rightful King of the pride, we have faith Favreau will do a fantastic job nonetheless. We'll wait here (somewhat) patiently as more information comes to light.