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The New Gilmore Girls Trailer Will Make You Lose Your Damn Mind

by admin

The New Gilmore Girls Trailer Will Make You Lose Your Damn Mind

The internet can't seem to contain its excitement after the release of the Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life trailer, and we are right there with them.

Netflix has released the official trailer for the upcoming Gilmore Girls revival, and our emotions are literally everywhere RN. If you're a true fan of the Stars Hallow residents, you've probably already spent your day alternating between sobbing over Richard's death (and the fact that Rory is a 30-year-old woman), swooning over Luke and Lorelai back together (although, we still definitely need some questions answered) and finding ourselves paralyzed in shock at seeing Emily Gilmore casually sporting a T-SHIRT AND JEANS. (What?!)

There's a 100 percent chance that the next month will be spent wondering who Rory ends up with and what she is doing with her life (because if she doesn't have a job, then there's zero hope for the rest of us), why things are getting "hazier and hazier" for Lorelai, and sifting through every possible reason that Kirk (of all people) would be at a Friday night dinner. (Also, did we mention that Emily is wearing a t-shirt and jeans?)

Until then, though, we will be rewatching the trailer (a minimum of three times per day) and joining the internet in the countdown to the return of our favorite mother-daughter duo.