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The New or Original Wonder Woman: Gal Gadot vs. Lynda Carter

by Rachel Weeks

The New or Original Wonder Woman: Gal Gadot vs. Lynda Carter

Batman vs. Superman might not be getting the reviews fans hoped for, but we’re still excited to get a glimpse at Gal Gadot’s new-and-improved Wonder Woman. So, in anticipation of the film’s March 25 release, we pitted Gal against her vintage counterpart and fellow Wonder Woman Lynda Carter.

With Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice out in theaters this Friday—March 25—we’re getting our first big-screen look at Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. But this isn’t the first time we’ve seen the Amazon warrior princess on film. Lynda Carter played the patriotic superhero over 40 years ago in the action-packed TV series Wonder Woman. We put the two to the test.



Superheroic Supersuit


It’s tough to know where to begin with Carter’s vintage garb. With eagle-shaped cleavage—eaglage?—and star-spangled spanx, Carter looks more like a patriotic baton twirler than a superhero. Gadot, on the other hand, looks like an Amazonian ass-kicker. Just one question. Where are both of your pants? As much as we enjoy a lazy Sunday without bottoms, nobody should charge into battle with bare legs.


Winner: Gadot. Come on. Carter may be Miss World USA 1972, but nobody could make that one-piece look good.




Superheroic Weapon of Choice


Of course, Carter and Gadot are both equipped with Wonder Woman’s iconic lasso and gauntlets, but only Gadot’s look like they actually work. I mean, Carter’s Lasso of Truth might as well be straight from a fabric store. And that tiara makes a better headband than a deadly boomerang. Plus, Gadot has a sword, because she’s a warrior—and warriors have swords.


Winner: Gadot. Did I mention she has a sword?




Superheroic Build


Wonder Woman, like all Amazons, was born with super-human strength, but you wouldn’t guess that looking at Carter’s tiny arms. Gadot made sure to bulk up for her role, even posting her superhero-sized arms on Instagram for the world to see. Now, that’s the kind bod you need to fight with a sword.


Winner: Gadot. She has the guns to back up the super-strength.




Superheroic Crime-Fighting Team


In the TV series, Carter joins the military—the show is set during World War II—but she fights pretty much solo with the occasional help from Steve Trevor. Gadot’s Wonder Woman, on the otherhand, fights alongside Superman and Batman in her first movie, and is scheduled to appear with the Justice League in Justice League parts one and two, and back home on Paradise Island in her own self-titled film. The cast for 2017’s Wonder Woman was just released and it includes none other than Robin Wright. Yes. Robin Wright is going to be an Amazon.



Superheroic Sass


Granted, we haven’t seen much dialogue from Gadot yet, but Carter always had the Wonder Woman sass down. Where Gadot is all snarls and mean-mugging, Carter was dropping sweet burns like, “You obviously have little regard for womanhood. You must learn respect!” I mean, look at the sass-kicking she gave that… evil pilot?


Winner: Carter. She was smashing the patriarchy before Gadot was even born.




Superheroic Action Moves


You saw Carter’s punch…


Winner: Gadot. Duh.




Superheroic Actress Alterego


Wonder Woman’s real alterego is Diana Prince, but let’s set that aside for a second to talk about Gal and Lynda. Gadot is new on the scene, but has already made a name for herself, and for good reason. In 2004, she won the Miss Israel title and started modeling soon after. But before that she served for three years in the Israeli military, a fact that helped her land her role in the Fast and Furious franchise.


Before donning the red, white, and blue in 1975, Lynda Carter won Miss World USA for Arizona and was a semifinalist in the International Miss World pageant and has since written and recorded music and become an activist. She has spent the last decade, staunchly supported Pro-Choice rights and equality for the LGBTQ community, but has been a powerful icon since she put on her cape. “I yelled when the scripts were bad. Week after week, nothing…would change except the names of the villains,” Carter said. “So I made noise. Men don’t like dealing with women who make demands.”


Winner: Carter. We will get behind any actress that can play this patriarchy-busting superheroine with flair, but Carter helped pave the way for actresses—and fellow bad-asses—like Gadot.


Overall Winner: Gadot. Okay, so Gal’s 21st-century Wonder Woman could wipe the floor with Lynda Carter’s take, but we still love vintage Diana, spins and all.