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Pixar’s Upcoming Film ‘Coco’ Features An All-Latino Cast, Which Is A Huge Win

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Pixar’s Upcoming Film ‘Coco’ Features An All-Latino Cast, Which Is A Huge Win

Pixar's newest animated film Coco will be released November 2017, and we're already excited.

UPDATE: We've officially been given the first teaser to the soon-to-be groundbreaking Pixar movie Coco, and we're already obsessed. Check it out for yourself, but prepare to be hooked immediately!



As a company that has been busy with continuations of their previous successful box office hits (think Cars 3, The Incredibles 2, and Toy Story 4), Pixar is prepping for their next original film, Coco. In a time when we still have major issues with representation in movies (and TV, and everywhere), Pixar is making a huge decision for Coco that is a major win for diversity.

Other than taking place in Mexico on Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), the world has known very little about Coco's details since its announcement in 2012. However, Entertainment Weekly debuted the latest updates on the animated film's plotline and cast, and we have a feeling that Pixar is about to have another hit on their hands.

Our favorite piece of news is that Coco will feature an all-Latino cast, which the crew made a priority from the beginning. The story is being called a "love letter to Mexico."

"It focused us, and we ended up with a fantastic mix of people — some from Mexico and some from Los Angeles," director Lee Unkrich told Entertainment Weekly.

The music-packed movie will center on 12-year-old Mexican boy Miguel, played by Hollywood newcomer Anthony Gonzalez, who aspires to be a musician. Unfortunately, though, in a family who has banned music after a history of unfortunate events, Miguel has to keep his dreams to himself.

Through various twists and connections, the young boy finds himself in the Land of the Dead, where he learns more about his family's past and what it means for his future. Gail García Bernal and Renée Victor will be voices to listen for, alongside Miss Congeniality's Benjamin Bratt, who will star as the voice of Miguel's favorite singer of all time, Ernesto de la Cruz.

The film will be produced and directed by Darla K. Anderson and Lee Unkrich, respectively, and is set to be released Nov. 22, 2017!

We have so much more to learn about Coco, but if the rest of the details are any bit as exciting as what we've learned so far, Pixar definitely has us all in for a treat!