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SNL’s ‘Melanianade’ Is The Political Laugh The World Really Needed

by Bethany Lozier

SNL’s ‘Melanianade’ Is The Political Laugh The World Really Needed

The leading ladies of Saturday Night Live channel girl-power Beyoncé, and it turns out Melania Trump has some not-so-nice things to say about her husband, Donald.


With election season well underway, it’s clear the writers over at Saturday Night Live are having an absolute field day. Between Kate McKinnon’s absolutely perfect Hillary Clinton impersonation and Alec Baldwin’s scary good Donald Trump, at least we can all agree humor unites a nation easily divisible by political parties.


Just when we thought SNL couldn’t get any funnier, this past Saturday’s episode proved us so wrong in all the right ways. Comedian Cecily Strong stole the show as Melania Trump, but not the Melania we’ve come to know through the media. This Melania is surprisingly similar to another famous female: Queen Bey, in fact. And Beyoncé-turned Melania has some choice words for her presidential candidate husband.


Check out the “Lemonade”-inspired sketch for yourself:



Featuring Emily Blunt as Ivanka Trump, McKinnon as Kellyanne Conway, Sasheer Zamata as Omarosa and Vanessa Bayer as Tiffany Trump, this rock star female cast each takes a swing at Donald Trump (and yes, the “Lemonade” hot sauce baseball bat does make an appearance).


Strong’s Melania complains about Trump’s bald spot and threatens she’ll never let him see her pussy bow blouse again, while Blunt’s Ivanka bemoans her lost friendship with Chelsea Clinton. Bayer’s Tiffany hilariously destroys a painting of her father, claiming she’ll never be Ivanka in Trump’s eyes, and proceeds to adopt her mother’s maiden name: “I’m Tiff Maples!”


Zamata’s Omarosa proceeds to deliver her resignation to Trump, saying, “I ain’t f*cking with no last name.” Talk about some The Apprentice throwbacks, and a spot-on impression!


Melania (Strong) finishes the song, offering one final diss to Trump, “Without us, you wouldn’t be standing there, you’d just be that guy with the weird hair.”


Though Melania claims she wrote the song all by herself (jokes), this Beyoncé and SNL crossover is everything this political season was missing. As election day draws nearer, we can at least look forward to more lady power sketches from the creative geniuses at SNL.