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Sophie Turner—Storms are Brewing at “Game of Thrones”

by Lois Elfman

Sophie Turner—Storms are Brewing at “Game of Thrones”

Winter is coming. Obviously, in the real world we’re eagerly anticipating spring not only for the much needed thaw, but also because it means a new season of the fantasy extravaganza series “Game of Thrones,” which returns to HBO on April 6.


In season three, Sansa Stark was married off to Tyrion Lannister. In their scenes together, actress Sophie Turner held her own against award-winner Peter Dinklage—creating a shared sense of humor and pathos.


Season four will start with life in King’s Landing as chaotic, extravagant and treacherous as ever. Sansa is aware her brother Robb and mother Catelyn were slain (father Ned Stark was beheaded in season one), and has no knowledge of the whereabouts of her other siblings. Once a naïve, timid girl, Sansa is now using her wits and feminine wiles to survive.


DivineCaroline caught up with Turner, 18, for a one-on-one interview.


Divine Caroline: Can you give us any insight into what is in store for Sansa in season four?
Sophie Turner: Season four is probably the best season for Sansa. She’s been building up all this knowledge over the past few seasons from observing the people of the court in King’s Landing and now begins to use that knowledge to her advantage. She is also beginning to realize that she can use her femininity to manipulate others. It’s very interesting and you kind of see a whole new side to her.


DC: The locations for the series are epic. What has been the most interesting and perhaps most challenging place to film?
ST: There hasn’t really been a challenging place to film but the most interesting place to film is always, for me, the studios in Belfast, just because I find it fascinating how these fake, plastic walls and green screen ceilings can look so real. So the behind-the-scenes stuff is probably the most interesting.


DC: You have just turned 18. Almost since day one on Game of Thrones you’ve been dealing with adult storylines. How have you processed the material and shaped your performances?
ST: The way I shaped my performance is through understanding that my dealing with these adult storylines that we encounter in Thrones mirror my character’s storyline being exposed to this adult world at a very young age. So it was a very natural evolution developing my character because the more I grow as a person through experiences on GoT, the more my character develops. So my performance was shaped through all these experiences that I have on GoT.


DC: Although you haven’t played scenes with Richard Madden and Michelle Fairley since season one, how does their departure from the series impact you and how you portray Sansa?
ST: Richard and Michelle became like a second mother and an honorary brother to me as a person so it was pretty easy to feel the loss of them as a character when I felt the loss of them as a person when I didn’t see them down in the restaurant at the end of a long day filming, for example. It’s the little things that I really miss about not seeing them every day.