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‘Star Wars’ Heroines Are Finally Getting Their Chance To Shine

by Hannah Marsh

‘Star Wars’ Heroines Are Finally Getting Their Chance To Shine

It has just been announced that the rockstar women of Star Wars are getting their own animated series and toy line come July 2017!


Star Wars fans have long been asking for more of a focus on their favorite female characters, and on Wednesday, their wishes were the filmmakers’ command.


Lucasfilm and Disney have officially announced the launch of Star Wars: Forces of Destiny, a mini-series of toys and cartoons where the women of the franchise take center stage, and it’s definitely an all-star lineup.




Narrated by Maz Kanata (the voice of the beloved Lupita Nyong’o), the cast will include Daisy Ridley’s voice as Rey, Felicity Jones as Jyn, and American Horror Story’s Shelby Young voicing Princess Leia. The series will be a two-part special, featuring a total of 16, three-minute-long animated shorts that will be available on the Disney YouTube Channel beginning in July and then repackaged as TV specials on the Disney Channel later this fall!



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According to the Star Wars website, episodes will remain true to the franchise’s adored themes of showing how both big and small choices can shape characters’ destinies, and in case you were wondering, this mini-series will most definitely pass the Bechdel test with flying colors.




However, the mini-series isn’t even the best part! Alongside the show, Hasbro is launching a new line of 11-inch “adventure figures” that combine our favorite parts of both dolls and action figures. The toys will retail for $20 apiece, and we’ll for sure be grabbing the entire set. Keep an eye out for more Forces of Destiny toys in the future, too!


These female-led additions to the Star Wars franchise are all meant to be targeted toward younger audiences, but you can be sure that we will be watching all of the episodes while admiring our figurines when they come out!