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‘Supernatural’ Fans, Bow to Your New Master: Rick Springfield Joins Cast as Lucifer

by Chad Taylor

‘Supernatural’ Fans, Bow to Your New Master: Rick Springfield Joins Cast as Lucifer

Aussie-born actor-turned-rockstar to play rockstar-turned-Prince of Darkness for show’s 12th season.


With Supernatural gearing up for its 12th season on CW, Executive Producers Bob Singer and Andrew Dabb used the show’s Comic Con panel to unveil their newest casting choice: Rick Springfield—of “Jessie’s Girl” fame—will join the cast as Lucifer.


“Lucifer is going to try out different vessels and the first one he feels comfortable in is a rock star named Vince Vicente,” Singer told the Comic Con audience.


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Unfortunate character naming decisions aside, casting Springfield in the role is a pretty good example of playing to one’s strengths. Vicente is described as “a rock star who’s a little bit on the downside,” and, while Springfield has forged a perfectly acceptable music career for himself—he has an astounding 17 studio albums—he hasn’t had a legit hit since 1981.


Supernatural is far from Springfield’s first foray into acting, as the 66-year-old has been working in TV since 1973, including his most famous role as General Hospital‘s Dr. Noah Drake, which he played for 73 episodes between 1981 and 2013. Audiences have most recently seen him on the big screen opposite Meryl Streep in Ricki and the Flash or on the HBO crime drama True Detective. Now, he takes over an important role on one of CW’s flagship series.


Lucifer is a name that Supernatural fans are already well acquainted with (in the show, not, presumably, in their everyday lives). The role was first brought to the screen in season 5, and played a big role in the events of season 7. The character, which saw its return in season 11, had previously been played by Mark Pellegrino and Misha Collins.