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These Disney Hero-Villain Mash-Ups will Mess With Your Mind

by Rachel Weeks

These Disney Hero-Villain Mash-Ups will Mess With Your Mind

Call it Disney magic or just call it fan art, Instagram user Dada is bringing your favorite Disney heroes and villains together into mind-bending artwork. Turns out the good guys and the bad guys aren’t all that different.





Cinderella is perhaps the most famous Disney princess of all, but we’ve never seen her—or her evil stepmother—like this. With the two characters combined, their personalities seem to contrast even more.


Beauty & The Beast



Throughout the movie, Belle has two good-looking men vying for her affections: one who often looks more beastly while the other is a true beast. But when their two faces are combined, it’s clear that she has some seriously handsome suitors.





We didn’t know it was possible to make Mulan more of a bad-ass, but combining her face with the face of the hun Shan Yu certainly did the trick.





Of course, hair is a huge theme in Tangled, so the contrast between the long blonde locks of Rapunzel and the dark curly mane of Mother Gothel is appropriately stark when the two faces merge.


The Lion King



Could this be any cooler? Dada’s combination of the rightful king Simba and the conniving uncle Scar is the perfect contrast of good and evil. Even so, the family resemblance is clear.


Snow White & The Seven Dwarves



Dada combines the fairest one of all and the second fairest for a true lesson in character design. Snow White is all curved lines and bright colors, while the Evil Queen is more… pointy.


Bonus: The Jungle Book



While this merging of jungle child Mowgli and the friendly panther Bagheera isn’t exactly a good versus evil illustration, it’s still pretty cool. We love seeing the difference between Mowgli’s human eye and Bagheera’s wild cat eye.