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These Harry Potter Tattoos Will Make You Fly Straight To The Parlor

by Bethany Lozier

These Harry Potter Tattoos Will Make You Fly Straight To The Parlor

What better way to showcase your love for one of modern literature’s most magical series than an equally enchanting tattoo? Quotes like “mischief managed” will stay with you forever, and so will these lasting ink creations.


Cartoon Harry Potter With Patronus



How freaking cute is this? It’s like a little Harry Potter emoji, and it’s permanently drawn on your arm — we would seriously consider getting this sleeve done by Kelly McGrath.


Inked Liquid Luck



Everybody needs a dose of liquid luck now and then (OK, more like all the time). With this inked creation by Saraloni Troupe, you’ll have your own lucky charm all day, every day.


Deathly Hallows Color Burst



Flaunt your love for the classic Harry Potter symbol with all the colors of the rainbow with this ROYGBIV tat worn by Deborah Justine. Alchemy Tattoo Studios in Melbourne, Australia, created this fab tattoo, so we’d totes recommend them.


Multi-Dimensional Harry Potter Sleeve



This Harry Potter sleeve is basically a mega-mural tribute to the series’ best symbols, and we’re positively transfixed over here. Berlin-based tattoo artist Laura Meyer crafted this masterpiece, and we may need to book a plane ticket to Germany ASAP.


Rainbow Snitch



As we Potterheads already know, it’s extremely difficult to catch the golden snitch. Getting it tattooed on your body seems much easier and so much prettier thanks to Anubis Tattoo.


The Dark Mark



All right, the Dark Mark is essentially the evil of all evils, but this tattoo by Vincent Hachen is pretty damn cool. It could even pass for your standard run of the mill badass tattoo, though it’s actually a subtle HP reference.


Platform 9 3/4



While there’s no guarantee you’ll make the Hogwarts Express, this tattoo is sure to remind you where your train stop is. This platform 9 3/4 tattoo by Natty Dias will hopefully let you pass through that pesky brick wall!


Dumbledore’s Greatest Quote



“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” — Albus Dumbledore

This quote is easily one of the best in the series, and it looks pretty damn great immortalized on Alexis Sniixi.





Just like our love for the HP series, this tattoo will last forever and of course, always. Kate Stark expertly paired her new tattoo with a Time Turner, which we would immediately use to go back to when we read the first book.


Dumbledore Sleeve



We all need Dumbledore’s advice now and then, so why not have a permanent image of the great wizard himself on your arm? Electric Alivia of Seattle created this masterpiece and we’re pining for one of our own.


Floral Deathly Hallows



Didn’t think boho and Harry Potter went together, did you? Think again, because this tattoo is too cute to hide.


Harry Potter Sleeve



Everybody needs Daniel Radcliffe as Mr. Potter on their arm… everybody. Ross Lee expertly inked this uncanny likeness of The Boy Who Lived, and we’re pretty obsessed.


Hermione Granger



If you don’t love Hermione Granger (or Emma Watson for that matter), who even are you? Zoey Ramone inked this super-cute likeness of our favorite empowered, bookish heroine, and it’s completely magical.


Hogwarts Tribute



This tattoo by uncle_trashcan may be the definition of nostalgia. It’s got Hedwig, Hogwarts, and the Mirror of Erised — what more does your Potterhead heart want?


Luna Lovegood



This tattoo perfectly captures the essence of the loony but lovable Luna Lovegood. Rhiannon of Capitol City Tattoo in Madison, Wisconsin, is stealing our Potter-loving hearts with this inked piece of artwork.


One Dark Mark



If this doesn’t terrify/thrill you, either you have not read the HP series, or you do not fear the Dark Lord. We certainly hope it’s the latter because this tattoo by Bret Johnson chills our very souls in all the right ways.





Remember the time when Harry broke his arm playing Quidditch and had to drink Skele-Gro to grow it back? Yeah, we do, and we’re giving major props to Amber Bananafish for this awesome reminder of The Chamber of Secrets.


Severus Snape



If this doesn’t strike fear into your very heart, you probably passed Potions class (or somehow got out of it). Cutty Bage of Speak Easy Tattoo Co showcased her amazing skills in this mesmerizing rendition of Professor Severus Snape.


The Sorting Hat



Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff can all agree the Sorting Hat knows best. This tattoo by Nikola lets the world know you love HP without giving away your House allegiance!


Stag Patronus



Harry famously witnesses a stag Patronus in The Prisoner of Azkaban, and if yours happens to match, you should totally get this tattoo. João Chacal makes this ink look like a watercolor painting, and we’re in absolute awe.


Harry Potter’s Symbols



If we had to choose three symbols to characterize our favorite protagonist, we’d have to choose his lightning scar, his glasses, and the spell Lumos. We might have to get a tattoo just like Kris Rakowsky‘s.


Bellatrix Tribute



Who’s the baddest witch in town? Well, it has to be Bellatrix, as she is Voldemort’s right-hand woman. If you fancy yourself a rather ominous HP tattoo, Tania Zhang can hook and ink you up.


Hogwarts Collage



Hogwarts may not be as real as we’d like, but this tattoo is pretty damn close. This tattoo from shawntriple6 might be the most magical piece of HP memorabilia we’ve come across.