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The Ultimate Ranking of Disney’s Best Halloween Movies

by Giuliana LaMantia

The Ultimate Ranking of Disney’s Best Halloween Movies

Every October, Disney Channel graces us with Monstober, featuring our favorite Halloween movies new and old. From the ’90s to today, enjoy this list of the classics.


Tis the season of apple picking, fall-themed drinks, and most importantly, Disney Channel’s Monstober.

When we were younger, we waited all year for October to watch our favorite spooky movies. While Disney Channel has changed throughout the years with a new generation, you can still catch fan-favorites, like Halloweentown and Twitches, throughout the month (and on Amazon). Here’s a throwback to our childhood and some of the greatest Halloween traditions of all time.

Marnie Piper in Halloweentown


12.Twitches Too (2007)
Tia and Tamara Mowery return for the sequel to the classic Twitches. Although it’s not as fabulous as the original (what sequel ever is?) it still deserves a spot on our list.

11. Return to Halloweentown (2006)
The fourth movie of the Halloweentown series and the end of an era. We watched Marnie Piper grow up, and this film is a classic follow-up as Marnie attends Witch University in Halloweentown. Once you get over Marnie’s cast change from Kimberly J. Brown to Sara Paxton, it’s the perfect final installment to the beloved series.

10. Twitches (2005)
Twitches, as in twin witches. Sisters Apollo and Artemis are born in the magical land of Coventry, but adopted on Earth by non-magic families in an attempt to protect them from “the darkness.” The Mowry’s are the perfect stars for this movie about twins separated at birth and brought back together by magic.

9. HalloweentownHigh (2004)
In an effort to create more openness between the worlds, Marnie brings monsters from Halloweentown to her high school in the mortal world. Everything is peachy keen until the Knight of the Iron Dagger appears. To our dismay, this third installment does not feature the Halloween world like the two preceding it. However, it’s still a great film with a timeless message about acceptance.

8. The Scream Team (2002)
Siblings Ian and Clare believe their dead grandfather is trying to send them a message. They come across a portal to the afterlife and join forces with the “Soul Patrol” to defeat Zachariah, an evil ghost who has captured their grandfather and other innocent souls.

7. Don’t Look Under the Bed (1999)
This film follows the story of Frances and all the strange, spooky occurrences in her town. She soon finds out the cause of these disturbances—she is being framed by the Boogeyman. Frances uses the help of new friend Larry to get herself out of the mess. Don’t Look Under the Bed is known as one of Disney’s most genuinely scary Halloween movies.

6. Under Wraps (1997)
It may be the first ever Disney Channel Original Movie, but this spooktacular classic shouldn’t be kept “under wraps.” Three young kids befriend a mummy and name him Harold. It’s all fun and games until they discover their clumsy new friend must be put back into his coffin by midnight on Halloween, or he will disappear forever.

5. Phantom of theMegaplex (2000)
17-year-old Pete works at the grand megaplex, supposedly haunted by a phantom. It’s up to him and his siblings Karen and Bryan to stop the phantom before it sabotages the premier of new movie “Midnight Mayhem.” Based loosely on The Phantom of the Opera, this movie is full of fun, mystery and mayhem.

4. Mom’s Got a DateWith a Vampire (2000)
When siblings Adam and Chelsea are grounded, they intend to get their mother to go on a date with a man, Dimitri, so that they can carry on with their plans. Everything goes smoothly until younger brother, Taylor, realizes Dimitri is a vampire, and it’s up to the kids to save their mom. This Monstober favorite is years ahead of it’s time, considering it came before the major vampire madness we’ve experienced lately. (See: Expert Tips For Creating A Sexy Halloween Vampire Look)

3. Halloweentown 2: Kalabar’sRevenge (2001)
Shenanigans ensue when Kalabar’s son gets a hold of Marnie’s grandmother Aggie’s spell book, turning the joyous Halloweentown dreary and gray. It’s up to Marnie and Aggie to save the magical town before the portal to mortal world closes at midnight (and doesn’t open again until next Halloween). Featuring our favorite characters and new friends, Halloweentown 2 is the perfect sequel to an already perfect movie.

2. Hocus Pocus (1993)
Not technically a Disney Channel Original Movie (although it was primarily intended to be), this horror-comedy has a special place in the hearts of Monstober lovers, and Halloween is not quite the same without it. Trouble arises when young Max Dennison moves to Salem with his family and accidentally resurrects three witches from the Salem Witch Trials 300 years prior. With plenty of laughs and a stellar soundtrack, this film is an instant classic. (Related: 23 BFF Halloween Costumes That Will Win You All The Awards)

1. Halloweentown (1998)
The first installment of the Halloweentown series and arguably the be-all and end-all of Disney Halloween movies. This is the beloved film that introduced us to Marnie, Aggie, and the friendly, misunderstood monsters of Halloweentown that made us all believe in a little Halloween magic.