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Wackiest Movie Cameos Ever

by Jennifer Lafferty

Wackiest Movie Cameos Ever

There’s a long tradition of celebrity cameos in film. Many of these spots are extremely brief, nonspeaking glimpses like Alfred Hitchcock’s famous cameos, but sometimes the lengthier ones can actually have a significant impact on the storyline of the movie. The element of surprise is the most important thing about these bit parts, which is harder to achieve now that cameos are so well publicized. Here are some of the best surprise cameos in our favorite films.


Johnny Depp, 21 Jump Street



Among the most common types of celebrity cameos is the appearance of an actor who starred in a previous version of the project, like Johnny Depp’s cameo in the movie adaptation of his old series 21 Jump Street.


Neil Patrick Harris, Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle



Sometimes cameos can be an opportunity for a celebrity to reinvent their image, like when Neil Patrick Harris appeared as himself in Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, contradicting his wholesome Doogie Howser persona.


Glenn Close, Hook



Fans love it when a celeb shows up in a film looking completely different than we’re used to seeing them, like when Glenn Close donned a full beard to play the male character Gutless in 1991’s Hook.


Pamela Anderson, Borat



Pamela Anderson’s Borat cameo shocked and confused a lot of moviegoers who didn’t know if the actress was in on her mock kidnapping by Sacha Baron Cohen’s lovestruck Borat. Anderson later responded that she was sworn to secrecy.


Will Ferrell, Wedding Crashers



In Wedding Crashers Will Ferrell stole the show with his hilarious cameo as the guys’ wedding crashing mentor, Chazz. The disturbing revelation that Chazz has switched to crashing funerals is a wake-up call to John and Jeremy.


Alfred Hitchcock, Lifeboat



Director Alfred Hitchcock’s cameos in his own films were so popular, audiences eagerly anticipated them. Sometimes it was challenging to fit in the cameos; like 1944’s Lifeboat, which had Hitchcock’s photo in a newspaper ad for weight reduction.


Tom Cruise, Goldmember



Austin Powers in Goldmember includes an unforgettable film-within-a-film bit featuring Tom Cruise as an actor playing Austin Powers in a spy biopic. Kevin Spacey is cast as Dr. Evil and Danny Devito is, of course, Mini-Me.


Kevin Bacon, Planes, Trains and Automobiles



Kevin Bacon memorably raced Steve Martin’s character for a cab at the beginning of Trains, Planes And Automobiles. Later a scene from Bacon’s film She’s Having a Baby, also directed by John Hughes, is heard playing on TV in the background.


Sylvester Stallone, Staying Alive



Sylvester Stallone directed, co-wrote and co-produced Staying Alive, the 1983 sequel to Saturday Night Fever. His involvement was mostly offscreen, but the star couldn’t resist a cameo. Stallone bumps into John Travolta on the street and scowls.


Charlie Sheen, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off



Everyone remembers Charlie Sheen’s cameo, well-cast as a juvenile delinquent, in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. His character cozies up to Ferris’ sister Jeanie (Jennifer Grey) when they meet at a police station toward the end of the movie.


Mike Tyson, The Hangover



One celebrity with plenty of cameo experience is Mike Tyson, most famously The Hangover. Tyson shows up to reclaim his stolen tiger and gets into a fight with Zach Galifianakis’ character, which the champ wins with one punch.


Madonna, Die Another Day



Madonna was significantly involved in the 2002 James Bond film Die Another Day, starring Pierce Brosnan. Not only did the pop star record the title song, she also had a cameo as a fencing instructor.


George Clooney, Spy Kids



Spy Kids 3D Game Over is studded with cameos by celebrities who appeared in the franchise’s previous films, including George Clooney who shows off his lighter side playing President Devlin, the former head of OSS.


Michael Jackson, Men in Black II



Michael Jackson’s cameo in Men in Black II could be called a happy accident. Mistaking the original film for a drama, Jackson cried when he saw it, and volunteered for the sequel, despite refusing a part in the first movie.


Backstreet Boys, This is the End



This is the End castmates were almost as thrown by the Backstreet Boys’ dance sequence as the audience. Jay Baruchel explained: “We weren’t as prepared as we should have been, which is part of what made it so bloody funny.”


Harrison Ford, Anchorman 2



Harrison Ford, who hadn’t seen the original Anchorman, was a little disoriented when he played a legendary newsman in the sequel. Describing the experience as “bizarre”, Ford said: “I had no idea who those guys were.” Drake seemed more excited about his cameo as a sunglass salesman.


Justin Bieber & Willie Nelson, Zoolander 2



Willie Nelson, one of the many celebrities to appear in Zoolander 2, was invited to do the cameo by longtime friend Owen Wilson. Justin Bieber was killed off in his cameo, something Ben Stiller had in mind for years.