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We Can Finally Figure Out Our Patronus, And We’re Way Too Excited

by Hannah Marsh

We Can Finally Figure Out Our Patronus, And We’re Way Too Excited

The Pottermore website has released a quiz that allows members to find out what Patronus animal they are, and we can’t get enough.


There is finally a quiz that we can get excited about.


Harry Potter fans are ecstatic about this highly-anticipated addition (J.K. Rowling teased it over two years ago!) of a Patronus quiz to the Pottermore site — the popular home for Potterheads to live, breathe and immerse themselves in all things magic.




For our muggle readers who aren’t familiar with a Patronus, it’s an incredibly difficult charm that, when performed correctly with an intense amount of positiveness, takes on the holographic form of an animal that the witch or wizard shares a deep connection with in order to block out some insanely negative forces (a.k.a. dementors).


The quiz is a series of simple questions that encourages you to channel your happiest memory before answering with your instincts as quickly as possible in order to give the most accurate results. The questions include choosing between options like “Rough” or “Smooth,” and “Listen,” “Sense,” or “Think.”


Complete with eery background music and the opportunity to wind through a mysterious, animated Dark Forest, to say Potter fans are excited about this new quiz would quite possibly be the understatement of the year.





Now if you’ll excuse us, we have some Patronus practice to attend to.