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What Makes Joseph Gordon-Levitt So Damn Crush-Worthy?

by Jennifer Lafferty

What Makes Joseph Gordon-Levitt So Damn Crush-Worthy?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt may not be the most conventional leading man, but that’s part of his appeal. His quirkiness, sensitivity and offbeat good looks endear him to us. Now taking on the role of controversial whistleblower Edward Snowden, in the biographical drama Snowden, he’s earning even more big screen respect. Here’s why we love him.


He Was Raised a Feminist



A lot of actors claim to be feminists but Joseph Gordon-Levitt, vocal about his feminist beliefs, was raised in a very pro-feminist home. His respect for women often comes through in his repartee with his leading ladies.


Unconventionally Good-Looking



His unconventional good looks help to set Gordon-Levitt apart from the pack of stereotypical leading men. His adorable baby face and his soulful dark eyes enhance his inner charm.


He’s an Actor, Not a Celeb



Joseph Gordon-Levitt thinks of himself as more of an actor than a celebrity, doing many low-key but compelling projects over the years. He has impressed audiences with his talent and range as an actor.


He’s Sensitive



One of the best things Gordon-Levitt has going for him as a leading man is his sensitivity. Don Jon co-star Julianne Moore says: “He is not an emotional lightweight by any stretch of the imagination…”


Radiates Positive Energy



Dark Knight Rises director Christopher Nolan was struck by the actor’s “youthful energy” when they met, something that also comes across on screen. Nolan said: “He has tremendous charisma and that incredible kind of positivity that can’t be faked.”


He’s a Sharp Dresser



When Gordon dresses up, which is more often than most young actors, he projects suave, sophistication in his stylish suits, reminiscent of classic Hollywood glamour. But he also has fun with his wardrobe, often adding whimsical touches.


Strives for Authenticity



Instead of single-mindedly chasing fame and fortune, he’s more concerned about his art. Out observes that the wide arc of the actor’s adult career has been “fueled by his restless quest for authenticity and connection”.


Has a Spiritual Outlook



Joseph Gordon-Levitt credits his hippie activist parents with instilling the feeling in him that “…we’re part of the world, and that that’s important—that we’re all connected and everyone’s well-being is tied to each other.”


He’s Well Educated



Although he did not graduate, Gordon-Levitt did spend three years at Columbia University, studying such impressive and romantic subjects as French literature, which has probably benefited him in his screenwriting endeavors.


Wants to Play Realistic People



Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s characters tend to be well drawn. He explained to the New Jersey Star-Ledger what he looks for in a character: “I’m attracted to characters who feel like real human beings, not stereotypes, or plot points.”


He’s a Musician



In addition to being a successful actor and filmmaker, Gordon-Levitt also has a gift for music. He sings and plays the guitar, and wowed everyone with his lip sync battle on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.


He’s a Creative Visionary



In 2010 Joseph Gordon-Levitt and his late brother, Dan, started the innovative collaborative production company hitRECord.org, which has given a creative platform to writers, musicians and illustrators around the world, and has now spawned a TV series.


He Takes His Work Seriously



When Joseph Gordon-Levitt returned to acting after his sabbatical, he was determined to do movies that meant something to him. Serious about his art, he turned down high profile projects and reinvented himself with critically acclaimed indie films. In February 2016, he was honored by Harvard’s Hasty Pudding Theatricals as the recipient of their 2016 Man of the Year award.


Challenges Himself as an Actor



He always seems to be looking for ways to challenge himself as an actor, from playing the lovelorn Tom in 500 Days of Summer, to tightrope legend Philippe Petit in The Walk, to a bike messenger in Premium Rush.


Writes His Own Dialouge



The popular actor is now also a feature writer/director, having written the screenplay for 2013’s Don Jon and directed the movie. He has also written and directed episodes of his series HitRECord on TV.


Amazing Forearms



While we all love qualities like emotional depth and sensitivity in a leading man, we’re not completley above pointing out his best physical characteristics. Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s muscular forearms have become one of his most recognizable features.


Has Tons of Charisma



Gordon-Levitt is often described as charismatic, and for good reason. Although his appeal is less flashy than many actors, he definitely has that certain something that draws moviegoers to his on-screen presence.


Comes from a Showbiz Family



His grandfather, Michael Gordon, was a director during the golden age of Hollywood, helming popular movies like Pillow Talk. HIs show business roots are likely one reason Gordon-Levitt always seems like such a pro.


Has Undeniable Charm



Always charming, he’s cultivated his natural appeal over the years, developing a certain sophisticated, intellectual wit, to go along with his natural warmth and lovability.


Creating Buzz as Edward Snowden



We’ve seen Gordon-Levitt play a wide range of characters over the years, but none quite like the controversial whistleblower Edward Snowden in the new biographical drama Snowden, which helps establish the actor as a serious leading man.