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What Your Favorite Christmas Movie Says About You

by DivineCaroline

What Your Favorite Christmas Movie Says About You

’Tis the season to watch classic holiday movies and jump to wild conclusions about what your favorite one reveals about your personality. Are you the Scrooge of your friend group or are you the softy who believes that hugs and well-meaning elves just might heal the world? Get to know yourself a little better with our handy personality guide to the season’s most beloved films.


How the Grinch Stole Christmas



Let’s just put it this way, you are much more Mary-Kate than Ashley. You are a bohemian at your core, and you’ve got an appreciation for all things that break with convention. You’ve also got a pretty serious silly streak and your apartment likely has many throw pillows. Deep down you believe you can heal any poor soul born with a heart two sizes too small with kindness, which is fine since you’re likely working in the humanities or arts and not medical science.


It’s a Wonderful Life



No two ways about it: you’re a softy with a tendency to dive head-first into bouts of nostalgia and gloppy sentimentalism. It’s okay, we are too. As far as we’re concerned, only a heart-deficient tin man would be unfazed by this classic reminder to practice an attitude of gratitude.


Home Alone



You believe in the power of booby traps to conquer evil, you think the movie _My Girl_ is underrated, and the words to the “rap” segment of Michael Jackson’s “Black or White”—lip synched in the video by Our Fair Macaulay— are forever etched on your heart. Rumor has it that after eight years of dating Mila Kunis, The Mac is finally single again. Game on, ladies!


Love Actually



You—like many of us—are susceptible to the “smarter, funnier, all-around better” spell cast by the English accent. To your ears, those who speak with British lilt are more articulate, better looking, and generally more compelling and worthy of attention. By extension, a mediocre movie such as _Love Actually_ is elevated to masterpiece status by virtue of including just about every British actor that exists. It’s okay; we think everything Hugh Grant and Colin Firth say is charming, too.


Bad Santa



Congratulations, you’re the Scrooge of your friend group. Rather than putting you in the holiday spirit, the seasonal onslaught of reindeer-themed music and glossy sentimentalism triggers your gag reflex and serves as fodder for your stockpile of sarcastic remarks. However, when no one’s looking you’ve been known to indulge in a delicious peppermint mocha from Starbucks—in the pretty red cup, please.





You’re a kid at heart and an idealist who believes that magic is everywhere if you know how to spot it. You also might be one of the people who mistakenly wears tights as pants, much like Buddy the elf. If so, please stop. That’s not idealism, that’s just you forgetting to put pants on before leaving the house.


National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation



You are tragically disaster-prone; if you haven’t spilled coffee on yourself yet today or gotten toilet paper stuck to your shoe, it’s by the sheer grace of god. The trials and tribulations of Clark Griswold—the well-meaning father who can’t catch a break—ring true for you, as does the hearty dose of familial dysfunction.


White Christmas



You’re a traditionalist for whom the word “classic” still holds some meaning; you enjoy a good figgy-pudding song and a well-placed snow globe, and you aspire to one day actually roast chestnuts on an open fire. Needless to say, the teen years were awkward for you.


Nightmare Before Christmas



You’re cooler than everyone else. Pat yourself on the back.


A Christmas Story



If this is your favorite Christmas movie, it means you have lost touch with your inner self, which is begging you to watch something else every time the network rolls out the twenty-four-hour marathons. Big Brother has won.