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Your Definitive Guide to This Year’s Holiday Chick Flicks

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Your Definitive Guide to This Year’s Holiday Chick Flicks

From tearjerkers like Miss You Already to zany comedies like Sisters and the inspiring girl power biopic Joy, there is a surprising number of chick flicks for moviegoers to choose from during the 2015 holiday season.


As expected, a wide range of movies are hitting the big screen during the 2015 holiday season, including some seemingly strong female-focused films. The best part is, these pictures offer something for virtually every type of chick flick fan. So no matter what your appetite is—from comedy to dramedy to all-out action—you're sure to find something worth seeing on this list.


Ideal for holiday viewing, this sensitive and nostalgic tale about a young woman who immigrates from Ireland to Brooklyn in the early 1950s premiered in select theaters on November 4. Oscar Award nominee Saoirse Ronan (Atonement) delivers an impressive performance as protagonist Eilis, who must choose between two very different countries and ways of life in this romance drama based on the novel by Colm Toibin, with a screenplay by celebrated author Nick Hornby.

miss you already

Miss You Already: If you're looking for a poignant tearjerker in the vein of chick flick classic Beaches you can't go wrong with this Drew Barrymore/Toni Collett dramedy about two lifelong girlfriends whose relationship is strained when one becomes ill and the other starts a family. The film, which also stars Agent Carter's Dominic Cooper, hits theaters on November 6.


Sisters: On the lighter side is this comedy starring frequent collaborators Tina Fey and Amy Poehler as two siblings who decide to throw one final high school style party in their family home before their parents sell the house. The rager that ensues turns out to be a much needed catharsis for their now ground down former classmates and brings the two sisters closer together. The film, premiering December 18, also features appearances by fellow SNL alums Maya Rudolph, Rachel Dratch and Kate McKinnon.

man up

Man Up: More comic relief can be found in the film Man Up starring Simon Pegg (Mission: Impossible franchise) and Lake Bell (What Happens in Vegas). This romantic comedy, debuting November 13, follows Nancy, a heroine reminiscent of Bridget Jones, who's struggling with the challenges of being a single woman in her mid-thirties, when she stumbles on a great boyfriend as a result of being mistaken for a stranger's blind date.

by the sea

By the Sea: Golden celebrity couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt star as troubled onscreen couple Vanessa, a former dancer, and Roland, a writer, who are inspired by the inhabitants of a small seaside town in France The 1970s era romance drama opens in theaters on November 13.


Joy: This compelling biographical dramedy reteams Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper with acclaimed filmmaker David O. Russell and is a good fit for the holiday season. Slated for release on Christmas Day, the film, which co-stars Robert DeNiro, chronicles four generations and spotlights the struggling mom who invented the Miracle Mop, establishing a powerful family dynasty.