10 Under-The-Radar Female Bands And Artists You Need To Hear Now

by Maggie Dickman

10 Under-The-Radar Female Bands And Artists You Need To Hear Now

Ladies are dominating the charts, but there are plenty of bands and artists that aren’t leading the game yet and will be soon. Make sure to add these musicians to your playlists now. We guarantee you’ll be hearing a lot more from them.

Female artists and bands are dominating the music game at the moment—Katy Perry, HAIM, Beyoncé, Adele, Selena Gomez. The list goes on.



But the struggle lies beyond the big names—it lies in the rise to the top. According to a study performed by Vice, only 22.3 percent—or 46 total songs—of the 206 songs in the Top 40 in 2016 were sung by women. And when you include tracks featuring both men and women (yep, we’re talking songs like “Closer”) that only accounted for 37.8 percent of charting songs.



It’s not that women aren’t in music, it’s that people aren’t acknowledging or making an effort to listen to new and upcoming musicians and bands. And we’re set to change that.



Here are 10 female artists and frontwomen that should be commanding your playlist. You can thank us later.






In a bubble gum blast of pop, tiLLie’s lingering vocals will keep you listening on repeat, making her a must-have on your summertime playlist. With new music expected to drop at *some point* this year, you’ll just have to blast “Pink & Blue” and her stellar “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” cover until we get those new tunes.




Against The Current


After making waves in the world of YouTube, Against The Current have released their stellar debut album, In Our Bones. Since its release, they’ve toured the world and are clearly bound to make waves in the pop-rock world. If you haven’t had the pleasure of jamming to”Young & Relentless” or “Runaway” at full blast, you’ll want to do that now.




The Japanese House


Amber Bain is The Japanese House—and also one of the coolest ladies on the block. Her tunes seemingly exist in a totally separate universe, with a kind of ambiance that lingers in your bones long after listening. Her most recent single, “Saw You In A Dream,” is truly a dreamy song that proves just how pronounced her vocal and sonic ability actually are.




Hey Violet


Ever heard of 5 Seconds Of Summer? The Aussies signed Hey Violet to their label, and the female-fronted act have released girl power anthem after girl power anthem. (“Fuqboi” and “Guys My Age” are the pinnacle badass female jams.) With their debut full-length, from the outside, slated for a June 16 release, these powerhouses are bound to bop through your speakers this summer.




Kilo Kish


Kilo Kish’s debut album, Reflections In Real Time, is essentially a look into singer Lakisha Robinson’s own head as she navigates her own journey of growing up and struggling with things like self-doubt along the way. And, let’s be real: Her track “Existential Crisis Hour!” (featuring the Donald Glover) seemingly sums up the feeling of the 20-something life crisis.






Earlier this year, MisterWives nabbed a coveted spot on tour with Panic! At The Disco, right on the cusp of the release of their new record, Connect The Dots. They’re a rainbow blast of indie pop that will brighten your playlist with frontwoman Mandy Lee’s addictive vocals. Try not to dance along when “Machine” blares through the speakers.




Diet Cig


This punk duo seemingly turn everything they touch into a glittery-fun house party. Their new album, Swear I’m Good At This, is filled with anthems all about growing up and finding power in being agirl. Watch their music video for “Tummy Ache,” featuring the coolest young women in the Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls and Girls Rock Philly, and be prepared to want to pick up a guitar to join in. (Or learn how to play one…)




Jule Vera


Jule Vera have taken their own twist on pop and indie, with frontwoman Ansley Newman taking the vocal reins with her powerhouse vocal range and ability to make nearly every song an emotional journey. For anyone who wants heart tugging tunes as you drift off into your warm weather daydreams, let Newman’s vocals transport you to Jule Vera’s world.




I The Victor


I The Victor (aka Rebecca Ramos) is all about spreading positivity. With poppy melodies and lyrics that stand in a realm where self-therapy and spoken word meet, I The Victor is an essential listen for anyone who needs that boppy reminder to stay “posi” in a world where life can be just plain hard.




Half Waif


Half Waif is fronted by Nandi Rose Plunkett, and her music is all about the idea of finding home—wherever and whatever that might be. As she says, “There’s an inherent restlessness in the way that I write and think about sound. I’m the daughter of a refugee, and somewhere in me is this innate story of searching for a home.” For this indie-pop songstress, her music is all about the journey—for both her and listener.


The biggest question of all: Who will you listen to first?