Enjoy Justin Timberlake’s Latest Single While You Still Can

by admin

Enjoy Justin Timberlake’s Latest Single While You Still Can

It's only May and we might already have the song of the summer.


This morning, the world was given the gift of a new Justin Timberlake single. But by the end of next week, we're going to wish we could return it. By then, "Can't Stop the Feeling" will be everywhere. There won't be a single coffee shop, radio station, wedding, gym, mall, or party that is completely free of JT's new single.

Of course that doesn't mean we can't enjoy it before then. Timberlake's "Can't Stop the Feeling" is infectious and upbeat and undisputably fun. And he knows it.

JT's star-studded music video depicts the inevitable, "Can't Stop the Feeling" becoming the song of the summer. Ron Funches dances in an arcade. Anna Kendrick sings in her dressing room. Gwen Stefani moves in her car. The groovy bass line spreads like a virus, reaching celebrity after celebrity until, soon, it will affect the whole world. In short, "Can't Stop the Feeling" can't be stopped.

So, get in a few good jam sessions before you're completely sick of it. That's what we'll be doing all weekend.