Musician Kate Nash Tweets “Female Is Not a Genre” and We Couldn’t Agree More

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Musician Kate Nash Tweets “Female Is Not a Genre” and We Couldn’t Agree More

Singer, songwriter, and all-around kickass musician Kate Nash found a sexist sign at a local music store and had the perfect reaction on Twitter.


Ugh –– another day, another example of blatant sexisim in the entertainment industry. But this time, singer-songwriter and all-around kickass musician Kate Nash isn't going to stand for it.

Nash was shopping in a London music store yesterday and she spotted several different categories for the records on sale, including "Reggae, Tamala, Rap, Etc" and "Females of All Description." Wait, what? A category literally labeled "Females"?

Clearly Nash was tired, disgusted, and annoyed at seeing sexism all over the place because she tweeted a picture of the sign and explained to the world exactly why this is tiring, disgusting, and annoying for all women. She was so on point.



"Female is not a genre" should be plastered in all music stores and entertainment venues and probably t-shirts, too, because who doesn't want one of those now? Nash rightly points out that no record store would ever have a sign labeling music as "Males of All Description," because whomever wrote this sign — and most of the world — just assumes "male" as the default gender.

This is insulting to artists like Nash, as well as every woman. Nash certainly has the credentials to warrant inclusion in her own category: She has a platinum-selling, U.K. No. 1 album Made of Bricks and a BRIT award for Best Female Artist under her belt, not to mention that she plays guitar, keyboard, synth, bass, and drums to go along with her singing and songwriting. Oh, and she's also a fashion icon. But credentials aren't even the point. No woman, talented or otherwise, should be suffering these kinds of sexist perceptions.

In fact, Nash has spent a lot of her career battling misogyny and empowering women across the globe. Nash spearheaded the Rock 'N' Roll for Girls After School Music Club, worked with teenage women who battle self-harm in England, and is a global ambassador for the Because I Am a Girl Initiative from Plan USA, which aims to empower women of all ages in developing nations.

As this proves, we clearly have a long way to go to eradicate sexism in the entertainment industry, but if women like Nash keep speaking out, we're definitely headed for a better future.


photos courtesy of Flickr user Falling Outside The Normal Moral Constraints