New Artist Rudy Currence Brings Talent to Community

by Jennifer Malfara

New Artist Rudy Currence Brings Talent to Community

Rudy Currence, 24, an R&B and Soul musician performed for fifty-five minutes in Delaware County Community College’s cafeteria around Q time on February 22 presented by Campus Life Office.


Currence, who is from North Carolina, introduced himself to the students and told them he signed a recording contract with Ludacris’ record label called Disturbing Tha Peace (DTP).


He also has been involved in an extensive tour of about 40 colleges since mid January and runs through May.


Currence never missed a beat on the keyboard, flowing from each song with maturity and grace. His vocal style has a unique R&B and gospel flair to it.


He also impressed his audience with his sense of humor and smile. Being nervous is not a priority for him. “I’m used to it [performing],” Currence said. “I grew up with music all my life.”


He sang familiar songs like “Umbrella” by Rihanna and “Lean on Me” by Bill Withers, inviting the students to sing the choruses and snap their fingers to the beat.


Michelle Liu, 19, a business major said, “He was pretty good.”


Being accepted by the audience as he turned the Cafeteria into a gospel church, Currence said, “I grew up in a church because my dad was a preacher down in North Carolina.” He then began to sing “Oh Lord” in his own style, bouncing octaves, ranging from tenor to soprano.


Teresa Domigo, 46, a social worker major who bought his 2006 independent album called Here with You. “I love him,” she said. “He was awesome.”


From that same album he sang a slow love song called, “Weave Ponytail” and “Zion” which talks about his struggles in North Carolina trying to make it in the world.


He also sang “Sweetest Sacrifice” from his first Independent album More Than You’ll Ever Know which was recorded in 2003.


Though Currence had to motivate the audience to sing, he still enjoyed playing for Delaware County Community College.


“I love what I do,” he said. “I don’t take it for granted.”


Currence is now recording his new album for The Disturbing Tha Peace called Black Keys and Blue Skys which be out in the summer of 2010.



If you’re a fan of Rudy Currence or are interested in his music, go to his website rudycurrenceonline.com and sign up for the newsletter for recent news.



You can also buy his music on amazon.com or itunes.com.