NO WAY! Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris Are No More

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NO WAY! Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris Are No More

So much for #RelationShipGoals… *tears*

Yes. It's true. After 15 months together, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have broken up. 

We are shocked. I mean, come on! The couple just celebrated their one year anniversary with a gorgeous tropical vacation that had us all turning green. And it wasn't that long ago that Swift told Vogue, "I'm just taking things as they come. I'm in a magical relationship right now." So, what happened to the magic?!


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We don't know a lot of the details, but inside sources told People the split was not a dramatic one: "Things just don't work out sometimes."

But what didn't work? The couple was finally spending more time together after Taylor got back from tour. Was it too much time? Calvin is known to be the jealous type. Was T-Swift spending time with another guy? GAH! We just want to know.

Oh well. I'm sure we'll hear about it in a new Taylor Swift chart-topper, provided she continues making music. There have been rumors that she's taking a break.

We feel for you, Tay! Try to shake it off. You'll fill that blank space soon enough.