Pennies and Flies

by admin

Pennies and Flies

In one of my emails today, someone suggested that if I want to get rid of flies I should put three pennies in a plastic ziplock bag, fill it half full of water, and hang it in whichever room flies appear to be accumulating. Several written testimonials followed. People who swore that they had seen with their own eyes how flies became uncomfortable not long after the bags were hung, and how the flies were close to panic as they rushed to exit the premises.

I haven’t tried this new homemade “flyswatter,” so I have no comment on whether it works or not. What bothers me is how someone decided this would work in the first place. Was there some kind of scientific basis for the invention? It not, I’m tending to seriously question the sanity of this inventor. I mean who in his or her right mind walks around with pennies and water in a ziplock bag every day, or once in a lifetime for that matter?

The way I figure it, someone started out saving pennies in a ziplock bag, then decided to wash them when a fly was near the sink, and like a miracle, poof! the fly disappeared.

On the other hand maybe I should wonder why I get so obsessed with such things.