Q&A with Kevin Connolly

by Ilyssa Panitz

Not only is Kevin Connolly the face of the Movember campaign to raise prostate cancer awareness, but we think his good cause is a great new look for him. DivineCaroline’s Ilyssa Panitz caught up with the Entourage star about his new whiskers, the upcoming Entourage movie, and why Sloan and E may not have gotten the happy ending everyone thought.


DivineCaroline: Tell me about your involvement in the Movember campaign.
Kevin Connolly: Let me put it to you this way, I have been pounding the phones to try and solicit money from people. WOW, is it hard.


DC: Why get involved?
KC: Both of my parents died from cancer. My father was only 45-years-old when he lost his battle to lung cancer. I was always looking to get involved and give back somehow. This seemed like a great fit.


DC: I am so sorry for your double loss.
KC: Thank you. Look, there is no way to go but medicine is a rapidly growing thing. Something that can get you today hopefully won’t get you in 10-years.


DC: How do you like having a moustache?
KC: The whole idea of not shaving for 30-days so you could grow a moustache is really a challenge. It is not easy. It is jarring in a way. I like the commitment aspect out of it and what is stands for. It is easy to just show up to some event but I am pledging my support to commit to 30-days of changing my appearance, which has actually been fun. Plus my friends and family have been really supportive of my role with the cause.


DC: What’s been the feedback of your new look?
KC: When they realize that I am doing it for cancer they feel bad if they say something negative. But my goal was to make a lot of people aware, which I think I am achieving.

DC: Have you ever lost someone to prostate cancer?
KC: My dad always had a moustache so in a way this is a tribute to him. I never saw him without a moustache. This is my way to pay homage to him.


DC: So in a way the moustache is like the pink ribbon people wear for breast cancer?
KC: Exactly. It is like wearing a band on my face. By the time I am done there will be a country full of men with moustaches.

DC: You are working on a project called Elvis & Nixon. Tell me about that?
KC: I have a small role but it is such a cool story. I read an article about the story and then after I saw the script I went to the director and said I want to be in this.


DC: Small role?
KC: As an actor the best way to keep your acting career going is to appear in good things. As long as people see you in good projects they identify you with good projects. I want to surround myself with the best things as possible.


DC: You also have experience behind the camera.
KC: I am a real director. I have been in the DGA for over 10-years. I have directed a few episodes of Entourage, a small independent film, lots of commercials and music videos.


DC: Do you see yourself doing more directing?
KC: Oh yeah. In 2012 I have a couple of things that I am working on and I would love to direct a big feature film. That is the goal I am working towards. It is a lot of work but that is what I really want to sink my teeth into.


DC: What are your plans now that Entourage has faded to black?
KC: It hasn’t. We are going to do a movie.


DC: I thought that was only a rumor.
KC: It’s only a rumor because there is no script yet. But all of the parties are on deck and want to do it. Now it is all about ironing out schedules. Doug Ellin who is our commander-in-chief is doing a new show called 40. Once he gets through the first season I hope he will hammer out a script and late next year we will start shooting the movie.


DC: Did Eric get the ending he wanted?
KC: Want to know what’s so funny? Eric and Sloan are on one plane and the guys are on the other. People assume that ending meant Eric and Sloan got back together. That is not how I understood it. As I understood it, they were still a work in progress and that they are going to New York together to do the right thing by their child that is on the way. I hate to burst people’s bubble when I tell them it is not the happy ending they thought they were getting.


DC: So Eric and Sloan won’t wind up together like Carrie and Big?
KC: I think the door is wide open for potential for a happy ending. I don’t think they threw their arms around each other when they got on the plane and were all lovey-dovey. They have a lot of work ahead of them and some serious couple’s therapy.


DC: Since there is a film in the future, do you want Eric to wind up with Sloan?
KC: I don’t see how you can go wrong there. She is something else. I think it is the idea. I am curious as hell to see what their game plan is.


DC: Speaking of women, what qualities does your ideal woman have to have to get your attention?
KC:  I really don’t have a type. I like smart, sort of ambitious and fun. Fun is a really important quality for me.


DC: The holidays are upon us. How do you plan on spending them?
KC: I spent Thanksgiving in California. I had a few people over like Jerry Ferrara and Emmanuelle Chriqui. In California for the people that can’t make it home to see their families we have the orphan Thanksgiving. I even made my first turkey.


DC: How did you do?
KC: How hard can it be? You read the chart to see how long to cook it per pound and baste it. This was my first attempt and it was a lot of pressure because it was the Thanksgiving turkey but I think it was ok.