Rihanna’s Wine Glass Is Our One True Spirit Animal

by admin

Rihanna’s Wine Glass Is Our One True Spirit Animal

RiRi's always carrying a wine glass wherever she goes–which means we can too, right?

Rihanna doesn't give a flying f**k about a lot of things, which is why we love her so. Whether it's her killer fashion sense, banging songs or just her beautiful face, we just can't get enough.

RiRi certainly isn't shy about flaunting her quirks in public, leading Twitter user Josh Edwards to notice the singer's peculiar penchant for traveling vino.

Apparently, our girl has an interesting habit of carrying her wine glass just about everywhere. Is it her pet? A security blanket? The latest fashion accessory?

She takes that wine to more places than her entourage.

Are these glasses straight from the restaurants, or does she provide her own?

RiRi, you're just killing this booze transportation game.

While it remains to be seen why Rihanna totes her wine glasses around like designer handbags, we completely love and respect her for it. Does this mean we can start bringing wine glasses with us everywhere, too? Wine not? 🍷