Ryan Reynolds Continues to Channel Deadpool (and Deadpool’s Tiny Hand)

by Rachel Weeks

Ryan Reynolds Continues to Channel Deadpool (and Deadpool’s Tiny Hand)

Remember Ryan Reynolds’s tiny, creepy hand in Deadpool? Well, now there are two. And they’re on Instagram.


If you’ve seen Ryan Reynolds’s most recent R-rated endeavor, Deadpool, you have to remember the scene where he cuts off his own hand, not because of the gore but because of the deeply unsettling scene that follows. After escaping Colossus and losing his hand, Deadpool, who has the ability to regenerate tissue, begins to grow the hand back, starting with a teeny-tiny and very creepy baby hand. The scene is a defining one in the film, perfectly balancing violence and humor. 


Side note: Said creepy, baby hand actually belonged to Deadpool co-writer Paul Wernick’s infant daughter.


Well, it seems like Reynolds’s has gotten used to the miniature appendages because they are back and on Instagram. That’s right! Like Saturday Night Live‘s Dooneese before him, Ryan Reynolds has embraced baby hands.



In an Instagram post that is both adorable and terrifying, the super star donned baby hands to caress actress Amber Tamblyn’s face. And she seems to enjoy it. “My hands are still growing back,” Reynolds wrote, “but I’ll be damned if I can’t take care of my friend, @amberrosetamblyn.” Aww. That’s sweet (we think).


The main question on all of our mind is: Would we take Tamblyn’s place? I mean, on one tiny baby hand, it’s Ryan Reynolds touching our face; and, on the other, it’s two plastic baby hands touching our face. Yikes.