Say What?! 15 Celebrity Divas You’ll Never See Coming

by Jennifer Lafferty

Say What?! 15 Celebrity Divas You’ll Never See Coming

The demands, tantrums, and eccentric requests of some celebrities—we’re looking at you, Mariah Carey and Kanye West—often make headlines, but fans may be surprised by these unlikely celebrity divas. These 15 stars may seem down-to-earth, but they might be letting fame go to their heads. You won’t believe who is on this list. (Will Ferrell? Really?)


Justin Timberlake



The seemingly easygoing Justin Timberlake dislikes sharing elevators with random individuals and has reportedly had people removed from an elevator on at least one occasion. The celebrity also requests mirrors on the ceiling above his hotel bed.


Selena Gomez



Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were both said to have banned certain reminders of each other after they broke up. Gomez supposedly forbade the name Justin to be spoken while filming a commercial, forcing some crew members to go by a different name.


Jennifer Aniston



It’s unusual to hear about celebrity diva behavior from Jennifer Aniston. However, stories have surfaced that, during filming of a recent movie, Aniston isolated herself from the rest of the cast, refusing to dine with them or ride with castmates in production vans.


David Hasselhoff (now David Hoff)



Known to have a sense of humor about himself, it’s surprising that David Hasselhoff (who announced in November 2015 that he had changed his name to David Hoff) exhibits any kind of egotistical behavior. Hopefully, the former “Baywatch” star was joking when he demanded a life-size cutout of himself for his dressing room.


Dustin Diamond



Dustin Diamond doesn’t want venues where he’s appearing to advertise his biggest claim to fame: the sitcom Saved by the Bell. He actually fines them $100 for every ad, flyer, or marquee mentioning the series or his memorable character Screech.


LL Cool J



LL Cool J’s requests are comparatively minor, but the rapper apparently wants to be prepared for the ladies, asking for a small bottle of Johnson & Johnson baby oil and 24 long-stem roses.


Paul McCartney



Former Beatle Paul McCartney seems quite down-to-earth for an iconic celebrity, but he can be very particular about certain things, including the foliage in his dressing room of all things. He requests that his rooms have four 6-foot regular plants and nineteen 6-foot leafy green plants.


Reese Witherspoon



Fans hoped that Reese Witherspoon’s attempt to use her celebrity status during a 2013 run-in with the law was just a lapse in judgment, but rumor has it that a major diva feud broke out on the set of Hot Pursuit between her and costar Sofia Vergara.


Robert De Niro



When bartenders see Robert De Niro coming, they probably get nervous. He reportedly asks them to muddle a cucumber in a shaker, mix with ice and gin, then shake 30 to 45 seconds longer than usual so that little frothy chips form. Picky, picky, picky, De Niro!


Angelina Jolie



Earth mother Angelina Jolie usually appears to have her priorities straight these days but, according to reports, she once refused to make a movie until the studio paid for Brad Pitt to have flying lessons.


January Jones



January Jones may look sweet, but child actor Jared Gilmore had some advice for his replacement when he left Mad Men in 2011, saying: “Be careful around January. She’s not as approachable as the others. She’s really serious about what she does.”


Will Ferrell



It could’ve just been his quirky sense of humor but, while promoting Semi-Pro, Will Ferrell requested an electric three-wheel mobility scooter, a 15-foot-tall fake tree, and one rainbow on wheels (a rainbow painted on canvas was acceptable).


George Clooney



Although his role in Gravity was relatively small, George Clooney demanded a hot tub, a custom-made beach hut, and a basketball court be installed next to his trailer while filming the Sandra Bullock picture.





Adele’s many requests include: Marlboro Lights, candy bars, European lager beer, and sandwiches without tomatoes. The celebrity also has one unselfish demand: Anyone who receives free tickets to her shows must donate at least $20 to the UK-based charity Sands.


Anne Hathaway



Anne Hathaway is known to be a food diva. On one occasion The Intern star sent her breakfast back to the catering team at Paramount four times—three because she was unhappy with the egg and once because of the English muffin.