Sia’s New Video is a Heartbreaking Tribute to Pulse Nightclub Victims

by admin

Sia’s New Video is a Heartbreaking Tribute to Pulse Nightclub Victims

The music video that accompanies Sia's new song "The Greatest" is an incredibly moving tribute to the Orlando massacre.

Sia has released a music video to accompany her new song, "The Greatest," and it's a hauntingly beautiful tribute to the Orlando shooting victims.

The singer, known mostly for not being known at all (i.e. hiding behind enormous wigs and not starring in any of her own music videos) teamed up with her 13-year-old muse dancer Maddie Ziegler to create an emotional tribute to the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando.

The video wastes no time in grabbing the viewer's attention as it flashes #WeAreYourChildren across a black screen. We're hooked as we are exposed to the assumed dead children's bodies lying on the floor and Ziegler using her fingers to paint rainbow tear stains on her cheeks — imagery that powerfully and clearly represents the LGBT community that comprised most of Pulse's audience.

The 49 bodies — one for each victim in the tragedy — appear to come back to life soon after, beginning the next five minutes of emotionally-wrenching dancing in a prison-like setting, symbolizing the entrapment the victims must have felt in the moments before their death.

Using kids as dancers in the emotional tribute, Sia reminds us that each one of the victims of this horrible tragedy was someone’s child who was lost in an act of hatred. The video ends in a heartbreaking way when all 49 dancers begin to shake in place and simultaneously fall, exposing a wall covered in bullet holes in the background. 

 Sia has created a stunning tribute to honor the victims of an otherwise horrific tragedy, and it's an emotional reminder to all of us of the importance of preventing any more acts of hatred.