Social Media Mourns Princess Diana on 19th Anniversary of Her Death

by Faith Brar

Social Media Mourns Princess Diana on 19th Anniversary of Her Death

Nearly two decades after her death, the world comes together to remember Princess Diana.


Exactly 19 years ago today, Princess Diana lost her life in an automobile accident. Only 36 years old at the time, she died alongside her boyfriend Dodi Fayed inside a tunnel in Paris. Regardless of what people thought of the monarchy, grief over her death was widespread.


Born Diana Frances Spencer, her wedding to Prince Charles at St Paul’s Cathedral reached a global TV audience of over 750 million people. Though she had several interests and passions, she is remembered most for her humanitarian work. She supported more than 100 charities and continued to be a charitable influence even after she parted ways with Prince Charles in 1996.


Perhaps the most unfortunate part about the Princess’s death was that she left behind two young sons, who still feel her tragic loss. According to U.K.’s the Mirror, just last week, Prince William said he missed his mother “every day,” while consoling a 14-year-old boy who recently had also lost his mother. Prince Harry has referred to her as the “best mother in the world,” and he has often been moved to tears while speaking about Diana.


Social media is proof that Diana’s impact on the world is just as strong now, as it was nearly two decades ago. Here are some emotional tributes to the “people’s princess.”






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