Some Guy Made a Super-Scary Scarlett Johansson Robot

by admin

Some Guy Made a Super-Scary Scarlett Johansson Robot

Celebrities have to deal with all kinds of weird fans, but this Scarlett Johansson fan might take the cake.

While most super fans are content with following their favorite celebrities on social media or attending meet-and-greets, others take their fandom a little further. Hong Kong robot enthusiast Ricky Ma may have taken it too far. This Friday, Ma released footage of a robot he created, bearing a striking resemblance to The Avengers actress Scarlett Johansson. And it is spooky.

Made almost entirely of 3D-printed parts, robo ScarJo, dubbed "Mark 1," took Ma over a year and a half and $50,000 to create. "When I was a child, I liked robots," Ma said. "Why? Because I liked watching animation. All children loved it. There were Transformers, cartoons about robots fighting each other and games about robots." This doesn't explain, however, why Ma needed to model it after our favorite action actress. Or why it has to slowly and stiffly wink.

The function of the robot is unclear; she doesn't seem particularly mobile, unless you count her very unsettling hand motions. She does, however, respond favorably to compliments. For example, when Ma says, "Mark 1, you are so beautiful," she responds with a classic—albeit very slow—Johansson smirk. "Heh heh, thank you." Yikes.

While we can't assume the robot is—ahem—anatomically correct, we do feel comfortable inferring that she is largely for decoration. (Just look at that synthetic midriff.) She does seem to have some ideas about the future though. "Robotics is a new manufacturing," she recites, seemingly chewing through her words. "And it can help people to do some high-risk work and go to the top of the mountain and deep ocean to realize our world adventure."

We highly doubt Mark 1 is going to the top of any mountains—not in that outfit, anyway—but maybe she'll get the chance to meet her inspiration in real life. That would make a great movie, actually: Scarlett Johansson vs. Robo-Scarlett Johansson. The ratings can't be much worse than Batman vs. Superman.