Taylor Swift Looks Stunning on the Newest Vogue Cover

by More.com Editors

Taylor Swift Looks Stunning on the Newest Vogue Cover

And she certainly has some interesting plans for the future.



Taylor Swift looks amazing on the May 2016 cover of Vogue. The magazine promises readers will see Taylor like they never have before, and if the cover is any indication of that, we’d say they’re correct.


We’re not sure what it is about the beautiful blonde pop singer, but she looks more grown up here than we’ve ever seen her before. The article accompanying the cover follows T. Swift to her hometown of Reading, PA, where she is the maid of honor in her childhood best friend’s wedding. It’s a rare glimpse into the life Taylor leads when she’s not accepting Grammys and performing on stages around the world—before she was the reigning pop queen, she was just a normal girl.


Along with the article’s nostalgic view of Taylor’s life, a lot of it discusses the singer’s plans for the future. A few of them? Learn CPR, learn to change a tire, and possibly a fashion line in the future. (Swifties around the world are making space in their closets right now, we’re sure.)


Oh, and of course she touched on the seemingly never-ending beef between her and rapper Kanye West, but she kept it classy, saying “I think the world is so bored with the saga… I don’t want to add anything to it, because then there’s just more.” It seems like her subtle jab during her Grammys acceptance speech may be the last we’ll hear of the issue. We’re definitely hoping to hear more about that clothing line, though.