Taylor Swift Missed the VMAs to Perform Her Civic Duty

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Taylor Swift Missed the VMAs to Perform Her Civic Duty

Fellow jurors were elated to find that Taylor Swift was also summoned to jury duty in Tennessee on Monday morning.

Notice a blank space at the VMAs last night?

Many assumed Taylor Swift skipped the MTV awards show to avoid a possibly uncomfortable encounter with a certain famous family after a recent Internet fiasco (Hint: See #KimExposedTaylorParty). However, it appears that America's sweetheart was resting up in order to perform her civic duty on jury duty today — and for fellow jurors, it seemingly turned into a free, Monday morning meet-and-greet with the popstar.



This wasn't the first time T-Swift has been called to duty in her current home state of Tennessee. In December of 2015, the "Wildest Dreams"-star was summoned but had to defer for a year as she was a little preoccupied in Australia while on her 1989 World tour.

After a lot of not-so-Swift-like publicity lately from the Kardashian-West family and recent ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris, the international celebrity showing up at the courthouse reminds us of the more relatable Swift we have all grown to love. And while we're pretty sure that sharing photos of jury members is not actually allowed — even if they are with one of the most award-winning artists of our time — we're happy to hear that Swift isn't too famous to do her part. Maybe while she's there, she'll have something to say about the current wiretapping laws.

UPDATE: Much to the dismay of the jurors who have to come back tomorrow, Swift's day came to a Swift halt after being questioned about any biases she may have in a case involving a man who had allegedly kidnapped and raped a woman with a broom handle –– we can't even begin to comment on that horrific possibility –– in which she brought up her own pending lawsuit against former radio host David Mueller.

If you need a refresher, Mueller was fired after she accused him of reaching under T-Swift's skirt and to grab her backside before a concert. The former host of KYGO radio in Colorado sued the pop star for slander, after which she returned the favor –– countersuing Mueller for sexual assault and battery.

Regardless of how their story ends, the judge presiding over the Tennessee case deemed Swift unable to remain impartial as her own legal struggles also involve sexual assault. 


All photos courtesy of Twitter/TracysActivism