Teen Choice Award Fashion Looks: The Best, The Worst, and Everything In Between

by Hilary Braaksma

Teen Choice Award Fashion Looks: The Best, The Worst, and Everything In Between

We’ve rounded up the best and worst looks from the 2013 Teen Choice Awards! Jumpsuits and menswear were some of the hottest looks from this year’s awards show, while glitter and head-to-toe leather fell flat. Click through our slideshow ranked from worst to best fashion at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards!



Worst: Jenni Farley




27-year-old Jersey Shore star Jenni Farley obviously shops local. And by local we mean she bought this at a New Jersey prom boutique. Also, is the hemline meant to be high-low or did J Woww actually bust out of this super tight glitterfest?



Worst: Hayley Williams




Singer Hayley Williams, 24, described her unflattering new haircut as “liberating,” which is surprising coming from somebody who wears a cage as a shirt.



Worst: Hailee Steinfeld




16-year-old actress Hailee Steinfeld looked super vintage at the Teen Choice Awards. Vintage tablecloth, that is.



Worst: Danielle and Kevin Jonas




25-year-old Jonas brother Kevin and his pregnant wife Danielle were rocking every shade of orange at the TCA’s. Watch out, Tan Mom, it looks like someone’s gunning for your title!



Worst: Alli Simpson




15-year-old actress Alli Simpson went to great lengths to prove that a blazer and shorts ensemble doesn’t always look as chic as it sounds. Especially if you’re rocking a blazer with football pads.



Bad: Miley Cyrus




20-year-old pop star Miley Cyrus is looking a little less Hannah Montana and a lot more The Craft.



Bad: Selena Gomez




I don’t want to say anything mean about “Come and Get It” singer Selena Gomez, 21, after all she went through with that douche Justin Bieber. But seriously: A loincloth? Gross.



Bad: Abigail Breslin




17-year-old Abigail Breslin has done a lot of growing up since her first film, Signs, but her wardrobe is looking a little too mature. Like, mother-of-the-bride mature.



Bad: Gabby Douglas




It hurts to say anything mean about adorable Olympian Gabby Douglas, 17, but mixing yellow and purple for no good reason was a bad idea. That may fly at the gym, but not here Gabby.



Bad: Demi Lovato




We usually love 20-year-old Demi Lovato’s rocker-chic outifts, but this isn’t a good look. Super tight pants, hideous boots, a highlighted mullet? I almost mistook Demi for Miley Cyrus‘s dad, Billy Ray.



Good: Jessica Sanchez




18-year-old singer Jessica Sanchez pulled off a the monochromatic look effortlessly at the TCA’s. The two-piece pairing is a subtle but sexy update on the classic LBD.




Good: Candice Glover





American Idol winner Candice Glover, 23, looked perfectly put together in this blue sequin blouse and detailed blazer. She paired the flashy look with simple black jeans and blue accessories.



Good: Lily Collins




24-year-old actress Lily Collins’s dress was daring, but it definitely paid off. The actress looked stunning in the high-low palm tree-print skirt.



Good: Sasha Pieterse




Actress Sasha Pieterse, 17, looked laidback but luxe in her black-and-white wide-leg jumpsuit.


Good: Lucy Hale




Crop tops and high-waisted skirts were everywhere at the Teen Choice Awards. We love 24-year-old actress Lucy Hale’s mix-and-match white look!



Best: Shay Mitchell




Actress Shay Mitchell, 26, killed it her black-and-white jumpsuit and gold heels. Tres chic!



Best: Nina Dobrev




Actress and model Nina Dobrev, 24, looked amazing in her graffiti-print jumpsuit! Not everyone can pull off something so bold, but Nina rocked it!



Best: Crystal Reed




Actress Crystal Reed, 28, mixed menswear and feminine detailing perfectly. We’re coveting the pretty print and bright lipstick.



Best: Cher Lloyd




20-year-old Cher Lloyd looked absolutely striking in her black-and-gold crop top and skirt. Finally, a high-waisted and cropped combo that works!



Best: Erin Andrews




35-year-old sportscaster Erin Andrews was also rocking the jumpsuit at the Teen Choice Awards. We love the upscale gold belt paired with such a casual boho braid!