This Teen’s Beyoncé-inspired Prom Dress Will Have You Bowing Down

by Rachel Weeks

This Teen’s Beyoncé-inspired Prom Dress Will Have You Bowing Down

Slay, India! Slay!


Every day we wake up hoping to be a little more like Beyoncé, but this high school senior took it all the way. Hazelwood West High School student India Ross went totally haute couture on prom night this year, modeling her gown after Queen Bey’s 2015 Met Gala look.


Like most high schoolers, Ross couldn’t exactly afford the stunning Givenchy original, but she did have the resources to make a beautiful DIY replica using supplies from Walmart, Michaels, and eBay. Ross’s version wasn’t exactly as sheer as the inspiration, but it had the same long sleeves, open back, and strategically placed rhinestone detailing. Plus, Ross’s hair and makeup were nearly identical to her fashion icon.


Using mesh material and over 2,000 hand-placed crystals, St. Louis designer Toi Hall—with the help of her brother—made the dress special for Ross. In total the look cost her $800, but Ross says it was well worth the extra time and effort. “This has been a true blessing,” she told Us Weekly. “I never thought that taking pictures at my prom would just blow up overnight.”


And the pictures did blow up. Ross’s Instagram has over 2,500 likes and has been shared by news outlets around the country. We’re still waiting for a response from Queen Bey herself, but she has to be impressed with Ross’s dedication, passion, and good taste.


“I love you, Beyoncé!” she says. “I wish I could meet you. And by the way, can I have the real Givenchy dress? I’m sure I could slay that one too!”


Ross will attend Columbia College Chicago in the fall, planning to double-major in Fashion Business and Fashion Merchandising. No surprise there.