These 15 Celebrities Love Their Pets More than They Love People

by Effie Orfanides

These 15 Celebrities Love Their Pets More than They Love People

Celebrities might be busy making movies and going on lavish vacations, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have pets! While some celebs might have a dog or a cat, some have tons of animal—take a look!


Miley Cyrus



Miley Cyrus absolutely loves animals and has kept many as pets over the years. She has had dogs, cats, a pig, and even a blowfish according to Mashable.


Lisa Vanderpump



The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star has quite the menagerie at her home known as “Villa Rosa.” She has swans, mini-horses, and several dogs living at her estate, many of which have been on both of her hit Bravo shows (she’s also on Vanderpump Rules). Lisa absolutely loves her animals!


Oprah Winfrey



The former queen of daytime television absolutely loves dogs! According to People Magazine, Oprah had two golden retrievers Luke and Layla, cocker spaniel Sadie, and two springer spaniels Sunny and Lauren, in 2013.


Kylie Jenner



If you follow Kylie Jenner on Snapchat, you probably know that she has a lot of dogs… and a pet rabbit. Norm and Bambi are perhaps featured the most, but she also has Rolly (who hasn’t been seen in a while), Sophia, and a long-haired Dachshund who is the newest baby to join her furry brood.


Sharon Osbourne



Sharon and Ozzy have always been fond of animals and have had plenty of them in their care over the years. According to Sharon’s website, the former couple currently share seven small dogs and one cat.


Howard Stern



Howard Stern and his wife Beth are both huge lovers of animals. Last year, Beth talked about rescuing cats and fostering kittens. “Right now we have six cats we’ve adopted as adults from North Shore Animal League. I foster kittens as well. I love every second of it. But again, it is very hard to say goodbye,” Beth said last year (via PopSugar).


Reese Witherspoon



This actress is a self-proclaimed lover of animals. While dogs are a more conventional pet (and Reese has had several in her life), donkeys were actually a thing for her. According to Xfinity, Reese told Ellen DeGeneres that she owned two donkeys named Honky and Tonky back in 2010. At the time, Reese also had two pigs, three goats, 20 chickens, and a pony.


Ellen DeGeneres



Speaking of Ellen DeGeneres, the talk show host and her wife, Portia de Rossi, absolutely love animals. The couple has three rescue cats named Charlie, George and Chairman, and three dogs: Wolf is a Maltese-Poodle mix, Mabel, is a Standard Poodle and the Augie is a Jack Russell mix. “I’ve always loved animals since I can remember and always thought someday I would work with them in some way,” Ellen told People Magazine in 2009.


Katherine Heigl



The former Grey’s Anatomy actress has a total of 36 pets at her home in Utah. She has eight dogs, three cats, two donkeys, two pygmy goats, 10 chickens, nine horses, and two miniature horses.


Robert Downey Jr.



The Iron Man star has quite a few pets and while he might be a “cat guy,” he loves dogs too. In 2011, the actor talked about two kittens that he rescued from a shelter. “To understand the way cats play and fight is to understand the secrets of the universe. It’s to understand Wing Chun, to understand the palace tradition, to understand yoga. I would kill for these young, sweet little feline souls, these two boys. I would protect them with my life,” he said (via SheKnows).


Tori Spelling



So far, you’ve been reading mostly about celebs who keep dogs and cats as pets. Well, Tori Spelling takes pet ownership to a-whole-new level. The actress owns a pet chicken named Coco Chanel. “Chickens are the best pets! We call her a lap chicken, a.k.a., a dog chicken. She loves to go places with us and she loves people,” she said (via Pets360).


Miranda Lambert



This country star absolutely loves dog; she has six of them. She also has a flock of chickens, two pot bellied pigs, three minihorses, three horses, and three cats. “Just like music, animals have always been a part of my life. We have never been without pets. I can’t imagine how that would be. Thankfully, I’ll never have to experience that [because I’m] just like my parents, who always had an open door policy; I feel the same way about dogs and animals. If any animal needs a place, [they] can stay here,” Lambert told Modern Dog Magazine.


Kelly Clarkson



The American Idol winner has 30 dogs, 14 horses, four goats, and two pigs; yes, you read that right! The singer (and mother of two) has been an animal lover for much of her life.


Ian Somerhalder



The Vampire Diaries star has three cats, two dogs, and two horses. Back in 2012, the actor was honored with the Wyler Award. Said award is given by the Humane Society to public figures who have stood up for animal protection in a significant way.


Martha Stewart



Martha Stewart loves pets so much that she has her very own line of pet products (available at Petsmart). She has had several dogs over the years (including Chow-Chows and French Bulldogs), canaries, chickens, cats, and more.