Victoria’s Secret Called Out For Yet Another Photoshop Fail

by Faith Brar

Victoria’s Secret Called Out For Yet Another Photoshop Fail

A photo posted to Victoria’s Secret’s Instagram and Facebook pages was criticized en masse for being heavily retouched.


It’s no secret that celebrities and models, in magazines and online, have been airbrushed and Photoshopped to some extent. (Read: 15 Ads that Feature the Most Insanely Airbrushed Celebs). But one company in particular has received a lot of flack for over-doing it a little too often.


Victoria’s Secret is in the news again for yet another alleged Photoshop fail in their latest ad. A picture starring models Stella Maxwell and Martha Hunt was posted on the company’s Facebook and Instagram pages promoting a deal on a line of bras. Some savvy social media followers instantly noticed that Hunt’s right arm that looked unnaturally skinny.



“The Photoshopping on the arm of the girl on the left is concerning,” a Facebook user wrote. Another said, “Did anyone actually look at this photo before it was published?”


A user on Instagram said, “It’s a terrible Photoshop job, look at da arms!” Another said, “Her arms are disproportionate. Come on Victoria’s Secret, we KNOW you can do a better job than this.”


This isn’t the first time that the famed lingerie brand has been under scrutiny. In just October of last year, they were involved in yet another Photoshop scandal where they accidentally removed a model’s entire butt cheek.


Neither Hunt nor Maxwell has addressed the image’s controversy so far.